Dancing Alone: The prologue

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Hey guys. So, this is basically just the beginning of my new series, and I'm just trying to see if it'll be enjoyable for you all. I won't actually start the entire process of making this until I wrap up my other series.

I'd like to dedicate this to Houndlover, one of the nicest people I know on here ( and somehow one of the evilest at the same time). I'd also like to thank Ericat and WeirdHead, as usual. Oh, btw, the results are poems, by me.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Some people are naturally cheerful, some just are. But others, like me, have to put on a mask to appear happy. Truth be told, I was a pretty happy girl, but still -- I'd be happier if I were five foot ten, a blonde, and had blue eyes. Hey, I'm just saying -- if I had that look, there's no way in the world Anthony could ignore me.
  2. Anthony, just so we are clear, is the hottest guy in school, not to mention the guy I had a HUGE crush on in eighth grade. He's a total dreamboat, that boy. He's got the face of a Greek sculpture and the body of a Greek god. With those big brown orbs he calls eyes and that luxurious mop of hair.... Gosh. He could get freaking Selena Gomez in love with him.
  3. "Madison? Madison are you Okay? " Javier asked me, his big blue eyes filled with worry as he waved his hands in front of my face. " Huh? Oh. Sorry, Jav. I was just --" " Fantasizing about Anthony again?" he chuckled softly, giving a knowing look as I stared at him, wide eyed. " Wh-what are you t-talking about, silly? That's like saying you fantasize about me."
  4. His eyes widened as he stared in horror, his cheeks going crimson before we both burst out laughing. Yeah, we always did this sort of thing. We'd already agreed we only wanted to be friends, not that I minded. He was super cute, but the fact that he liked bacon sorta turned me off. " Ew, Mads! Me? Fantasize? Blech." he teased, throwing me a cute wink as I pulled on my rainbow knee-high socks. " Oh, you love me." I laughed, chasing him outside, slinging my backpack over my shoulder as we skipped -- yes, skipped -- to school.
  5. I guess -- just so you don't get confused, although Jav and I have this odd flirty-friendship, I didn't like him in that way. Not a bit. No way, Jose! Besides, I'm so.... childish. With my pink sun-kissed hair and big green eyes, I was the type of girl who looked like she needed to be hugged. Yes, I dyed my hair pink. So what? Pink just so happens to be Anthonys favorite color. Nah, I'm just kidding -- I think. What if he really DOES like the color pink? Oh, that would be too good to be true.
  6. " Mads! Mads, wait for --" Javier started, my body smacking up against a rock solid wall. My eyes slowly wandered up, and I soon realized I'd ran into -- a guy. Dang, my life. Quickly stumbling backwards, I let out a small yelp as I fell down onto my booty. " You okay?" the guy -- scratch that, hot guy -- smokin guy -- uhm.... Turbo smokin hot guy -- asked me, his eyes full of worry as I barely managed to give a small nod.
  7. A smirk slowly played onto his lips as he flicked a strand of his honey blonde hair away from his face, only making him look extremely cute. A blush began to creep up my cheeks as I got lost in the pools of blue eyes, that seemed to lure me in like a siren song. " I'm Roger, Roger Hopes." he grinned, extending his hand to help me up, which I took without a second thought. " Madison. Madison Mafilla, though I prefer being called Maddi." I grinned back, his eyes slowly wandering down to my socks, a glint of joy in his eyes.
  8. A furious blush burned my cheeks as I also looked down at my socks, mentally face-palming myself. I'd worn my rainbow socks -- again. " Cute socks. Welp, I gotta go. See ya." he laughed softly, my heart pounding wildly as I returned the laugh. " See ya." I whispered, watching him walk away with a confident swagger in his step.
  9. My eyes continued to wander after him as he finally disappeared around the corner, no longer able to be seen. Too bad. " Who was that?" Javier panted as he sprinted over to me, a small waver of jealousy in his voice as I gave a small sigh. " Just the cutest thing in history. Besides Anthony, of course." I grinned. " You just met the guy, Maddi. He probably has a girlfriend, who's supposed to be cuter than you -- which by the way, would be hard... I mean -- never mind. The point is, just don't get hurt. " Javier sighed, giving my arm a gentle squeeze before he skipped along with me to school.
  10. ***Lunch time***My heart leapt as my eyes seemed to linger over to Anthony, his beautiful eyes full of excitement as he spotted me staring at him. My face flushing in embarrassment, I quickly turned to look at Javier, his blue eyes darkening as he looked behind me. " Jav, what's --" I started, a big hand pressing itself against my shoulder.
  11. Turning around in confusion, my eyes met a pair of familiar eyes -- Roger. " Hey, Maddi. Small world, isn't it?" he laughed softly, my cheeks warming up as I gave a small smile. " Y-yeah. It is." I giggled, unaware of the fact I sounded like a little girl. " Oh... Am i interrupting something?" he suddenly asked, his attention now directed at Javier, who looked ready to explode as I shook my head vigorously. " No. No, you aren't. This is my friend -- Javier." I cleared up, a wave of --relief -- crossing through his eyes.
  12. " Nice to meet you, man. I gotta go, Maddi. Maybe we can hang out sometime?" he asked curiously, grinning as I gave a small smile. " Sure, sounds fun." I giggled, Javier making a disgusted groan as Roger laughed back. " Here's my number, text me after school and maybe we can get to know each other a little bit." he suggested, scribbling a number on my palm, walking away with a wave.
  13. "Sure, sounds fun." Javier mocked me once Roger left, giving a girly giggle, before I swung a swift kick at his leg. " Jav!" I shrieked angrily, blushing like a buffoon as I felt the entire lunchroom's eyes on me. " Maddi, I -- you need to be serious with yourself. He asked to hang out with you. He seems.... Odd. I don't like him." he concluded, giving a shrug before leaving me all alone. Ouch. That hurt.
  14. Tears trickled down my cheeks as I sat beside myself, no longer interested in eating my large stack of nachos stacked onto my large lunch tray. " Boys." i muttered to myself, a breathy laugh startling me. " I know? Why deal with boys, when there's a man like me around."
  15. My eyes slowly wanderer over to the voice. Oh. My. Lord of pancakes. Anthony Wayne was right beside me, like, RIGHT beside ME. " Aren't you the same age as them?" I said, a snarky tone in my voice that made him laugh deeply. " Yeah, but I'm alot more mature." he shrugged.
  16. " Mhm. So then, Mr maturity, what makes you think that they aren't men as well?" I asked, a confident swag in my voice that impressed even me -- and I'm not easily impressed, just so ya know. " Well, the fact that they left such a pretty girl all alone proves my point." he merely shrugged, walking away with a pleased look on his face. Wait. Did he -- did ANTHONY call me pretty? ME? PRETTY? Oh em gee!
  17. Pressing my fingertips to my cheek, I gave a small squeal before standing up and skipping off to class. Yeah, my life is awesome right now. I mean -- sure, there were downsides, but life's a rollercoaster, yknow?
  18. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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