How well do you the Gallagher Girls series.

How well do you know the Gallagher Girls series written by Ally Carter? Cammie Morgan goes to the world most elite school- for spies. She meets boys and does spy mission.

This doesn't involve all the books in the series. It involves I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you, Cross my heart and hope to spy, Don't judge a girl by her cover and Only the good spy young.

Created by: Cammie
  1. In LYKY (#1), who does Cammie meet on her first CoveOps mission?
  2. In LYKY, who finds out that Cammie goes to the Gallagher Academy?
  3. In LYKY, Josh thinks that Cammie has been kidnapped. When Josh shows up on the roof of the building, what two girls are on him?
  4. How does Josh attempt to rescue Cammie when he doesn't understand what is going on?
  5. In CMH (#2), what boy is tailing Cammie in D.C.?
  6. In CHM, what dress does Cammie wear to the dance?
  7. In CMH, what does Zach do to Cammie at the end of the book?
  8. In DJAG (#3), where does Cammie first see Zach and what does she do to him, not aware it is him?
  9. In DJAG, what happens in Boston?
  10. In OGSY (#4), where does Cammie and the Baxters see Mr. Solomon?
  11. In OGSY, where does Zach pop up in the Gallagher Academy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I the Gallagher Girls series.