I Know Your Secret pt.13

Welcome to part thirteen of I Know Your Secret.Wow I think I took long releasing this one or is it me?Ah wellXD In this part,you will be hanging out with one guy:Falcon.This is for all of you Falcon lovers lol...ENJOY:P

RECAP:You finished dinner and you look around for your room and stumble upon a room with Avery and another girl,Canada.You hear her saying things and how much she misses Avery.He seem to not care or he looks uncomforable.He decides to leave but Canada gets up,kissing him.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. My mouth dropped and my blood boiled.I ran off into a random room,not wanting to get caught.I flick on the lights and noticed that this was Jody's room.He sat up quickly,alarmed. I felt myself go red. "Uh,I'm sorry to bother you.I can't find my room." Jody tilted his head. "Take a left down the hall then a right,and it should be a blue door."he replied,getting out of bed.My mouth litteraly droped.He was shirtless,his abs and six-pack taunting me.His brown curly hair was messier but still attractive.He yawn and stretched not noticing me gawking at him.I stopped quickly,sighing.
  2. "I'll be glad to escort you there if you like. I heard footsteps coming near. "Uh-I'll love to stay here for tonight if you don't mind."I replied quickly,not wanting to go out the halls and see Avery. Jody thought about but nodded.I closed the door and jump on his bed."Wow.Your bed is comfy."I giggled.Jody smiled and turned off the lights.The only light visible was the moonlight passing through his transparent curtain.I scoot over on one side so he can sit.His bed was pretty big.He sat down and laid,pulling the covers over both of us.
  3. I smiled and huddle close to the pillow we were sharing.He placed both his hands above the covers,his blue eyes wondering off somewhere else.I cleared my throat making him glance at me. "What's Mars' sister's name?"I asked.Jody's blue ocean eyes glue to mine.We were so close but not very close. "Canada."He replied turning his head back where it use to be. I growled,making him look back at me. "Something wrong?"
  4. "No.It's just that I...wanted to train more."I lied.Jody cock an eyebrow. "Oh really?" I nodded and sigh. "We should go to sleep."he muttered closing his eyes.I turned on my side,where I'm not facing him,and slowly fell asleep...
  5. ***The sunlight woke me up the next day and I wasn't too happy about it.I sat up and noticed Jody gone.His side of the bed was folded and fixed up.I push off the covers and and got out.The balcony was open,the sound of people on the beach.I went out Jody's room and crept down the halls.No one was here,I was all alone.I noticed a figure lounging on the couch watching tv.I walked toward the person and saw that it was Falcon.
  6. Falcon look up. "Hey ____.You're up." I nodded,still tired.Falcon jump up."Both of us got left here.The rest of the team is gone.Bunch of morons.They left the best people in the team."he chuckled.I smiled and suddenly my stomach growled. "Oh,almost forgot.I made you breakfast.Come on." I follow him into the huge kitchen.The whole table was litteraly covered up with food.
  7. "Wow.You try to make me fat?"I teased,taking a seat.He took the seat across. "Maybe."He winked and took a bit of his waffle. "So do you know when they left?" He shook his head. "By the way,where were you last night?You weren't in your room when I dropped by to say goodnight."He smirk.I rolled my eyes. "None of your beeguts."
  8. His mouth dropped."I see how it is." I laughed and we finished our food in less than five minutes. "Do you want to go hang out somewhere like..maybe go bowling?" I smiled."Yeah.The last time I went bowling was..."I suddenly remembered Cole and Lillian.How we hung out much.How Cole would always spit spitballs at Kristy.I felt Falcon's hand landed on mine. "It's ok.You'll see them again.Promise." I smiled,wiping the tear that fell.We both got up and we headed out.The sun's heat was awesome with the wind to make it perfect.
  9. Falcon grab my hand. "How about the beach.It's a nice day out here." I felt a tingle as our hands touched.I gulped,nervously "Sure."I replied.He smiled and we walked toward the beach;it wasn't far away.Falcon let go of my hand,his face red as we continued to walk. Alot of people was at the beach,hanging out. Falcon chuckled looking over at a bunch of guys break dancing.I noticed a group of girls gawking at Falcon,of course.One girl was litteraly drooling and another was twirling a strand of her hair,biting her bottom lip. Falcon grabbed my hand pulling me somewhere.The girls growled and rolled their eyes at me.Some flip off their famous finger and the rest whispered snide remarks.
  10. I noticed Falcon pulled me to a group of people.One guy was eyeing me.His blue eyes glued to me.I look away avoiding eye contact but I couldn't help it.I look back where he was but he was gone...
  11. Falcon seem to know a guy.The guy pulled both of us behind a palm tree. "Long time no see,Falcon.How's Noreen?" "Still the worst."Falcon chuckled.The guy laughed. "You kill me.Anyways,what are you doing here?" Falcon sighed. "Stones are washed out." The guy gasped. "Dude,you know who's going to get furious with you?Gosh I wish I could help." "Have you seen the rest of the team around here?"Falcon asked. The guy nodded."They were here an hour ago.The went off somewhere else.Charmy still got the goods."
  12. "And the stonekeeper just before my eyes..."The guy bowed down making me blush. "The name's Chance." Falcon slap the back of his head. "Knock it off." "Aw,Falcon.Don't be jealous."Chance laughed.Falcon's eyes turned icier.Chance huddle close to us. "I think they're watching us.You know..HIS people." Falcon rolled his eyes. I tug his sleeve."Who's watching us?"I whispered.Falcon glared at Chance then glanced at me. "No one." Chance gulp."One is out here.You know A-" Falcon growled. "Shut-up!" Chance back away and tilted his head to the left.Falcon and I glanced to the left and there he was.The guy with the blue eyes.His brown curly hair almost fell over his eyes.He was in the water at waist length.His eyes were at us. "Gosh...your right."Falcon muttered not breaking his gaze. The guy dive under the water,not coming back up. Chance shuddered. "Hurry up with those stones." Falcon broke the gaze. "Just because they are looking over us,does'nt mean that they are here for the stones."
  13. "They are mad at ya'll.Especially _____." Falcon growled."_____ is new at this!Why would they be mad at her?! THEY ARE MAD AT US.NOT_____." Chance shrugged. "I got cha back.Don't forget that." Falcon nodded,pulling me away from Chance.We entered a bowling place.It was almost full too. "Falcon,who was that guy?"I asked. "_____,let's not talk about it,ok?" I sighed but nodded.We pick a lane. "I'll go pay.Be right back."he said. I sat down and laid my head down.A sudden glow came from behind me.I turned around and but nothing was there.
  14. I turned back around and noticed a white feather. "F-Flake?"I muttered.There was no sign of him.Another feather fell and this time it was blue with a note.I opened the note: 'Get to work'
  15. I look around,searching the person who might have written this.No one was staring at me or acting strange.A glow came from my chest.It was the necklace,glowing a orange color.What does orange mean? "Ok,do you want to go first?"Falcon asked coming back with a pizza box on one hand,two drinks on top of the box and on the other hand,bowling shoes.
  16. I nodded as he set the pizza down the table and tossed the shoes to the side.He sat by me and took hold of the monitor.He put my name down first then his and pressed continued. "Who ever wins,"he started
  17. "Gets a suprise.No telling the other what it is."he finished,pressing the start button.Our names appeared in the flatscreen hanging above the bowling areana.The machine set down the bowling pins and my name was highlighted signling that its my turn. "Good luck,"Falcon smiled. "you'll need it."
  18. I giggled and stood up,deciding which bowling ball should I pick.I grabbed a pink middle weight ball and headed toward the area.I suddenly went nerious,figments on how far away the bowling pins were.I gulp and rolled the ball weakly.The ball slowly rolled down,hitting three pins.I mentally slapped myself.
  19. I turned around,Falcon's eyes were on mine,his mouth barely open. "I...wasn't ready."I lied.The truth was, I lost my skills.I always beaten Cole and he always pouted but now...I'm lost in the game.Falcon took another bowling ball and walked over to me. "Here."he handed me the ball. "Relax.Roll the ball in the middle and take your time if you have to." I nodded taking the bowling ball.I held it up to my face,one eye close,trying to aim it in the middle.I suddenly felt Falcon go behind me,wrapping his arms around me so he could hold the ball too.I felt myself go red and I noticed people staring and smiling. "Like this."Falcon whispered swinging my arm back with his and finally swinging it forward,the ball rolling perfectly straight knocking all the pins down.
  20. Falcon dropped his arms down and look down at me.His icy blue eyes were filled with hope and pride.He grabbed a green ball and lined up where the arrow was in the middle.He took a step back and swung the ball,knocking all pins down.The flatscreen and the monitor had 'STRIKE!' .I rolled my eyes and grabbed another ball.Falcon smirk and moved out of the way so I would stand in the middle.I focuse where I want the ball to roll and I swung it.The ball rolled down fast knocking all the pins except for the middle.I took another ball and rolled it down,praying that it'll hit that pin.
  21. The pin knock over as the ball barely toched it. "YES!!"I chanted getting up on Falcon's face.He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Move out the way and let the master win."he joked picking a ball and pushing me off to the side with his free hand.I laughed and watched him score a strike again.He smirk taking a seat.I suddenly felt thirsty all of a sudden just like the night of that party.
  22. I ran over the table and took a long good gulp from my drink.I saw Falcon staring at me in the corner of my eye.I put down my drink. "You okay,_____?"he asked taking a small sip of his.I sat down and openned the pizza box. "Yeah,just thristy."
  23. We ate some pizza and continued our game.So far Falcon was winning.I made like four strikes and he made like nine.I pushed him when it was his turn,making him roll the ball off to the side,making it hit no pins.His mouth dropped and he grabbed me from behind,tickling me.I laughed,not caring if people stared. 'MIRROR' from lil Wayne and Bruno Mars came on.Falcon let go grabbing another ball.I stole the ball and rolled for him,knocking all pins.We stole each other turns,not knowing who is actually winning.
  24. The game was finally over.Falcon ran around the place all hyper.I got to ammit,he looked cute and I was hyper too.I threw away our drinks,the pizza box,and ran around trying to calm Falcon down before we get kicked out.I finally caught him up.He was catching his breath as well was I. "Damn,I'm tired."he laughed out.I laughed and we turned in the shoes back.We left after that.It was getting dark,the sun was about to set.The beach was cleared out making the rest of the day peaceful.I pulled Falcon toward the beach. "Where are we going?"he asked. "I want to watch the sunset." Falcon looked at me confused.
  25. As soon as we got there,I collasped on the sand."I love sunsets." Falcon sat down."You do?" I nodded.He leaned back on his hands and laid his eyes upon th sunset."It's nice." My mouth droped. "It's nice?!You meant amazing."I corrected,smiling.He chuckled. "I never got the chance to see one." My mouth dropped again."Are you serious?!" He chuckled. "Yeah.Vampires are always busy when it turns dark and we don't have time to realize the precious things that are out there."
  26. Both of us look at each other. "You need to relax."I smiled. His eyes widen. "Are you kidding?We can't relax,we're on an important mission." I rolled my eyes."You did it all day." His eyes turned icyer."I-I did,didn't I?So thats how it feels like."
  27. We both laughed. "As much as I want to stay here,we have to go." I nodded as he got up.He pulled me up gently,glancing back at the sunset. "Its nice isn't it?"I whispered.He nodded and glanced back at me. "Like you." I felt myself blush.My heart started to beat even faster as he started to lean in.
  28. ***I think I sould stop there ;) Comment/rate please.

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