I Know Your Secret pt.16

Welcome to part 16 of IKYS.I'm sorry I took long.I work on two other series.One is on Quotev.com called Dangerous Games by FallenComet_97(ME!)check it out!Hope ya'll took pt.15.It was the hardest I had to deal with:( but here is pt.16!ENJOY!

The "RECAP"!?oh gosh not that.It's too much you learned in part 15 and I'm lazy but well left off when Starry came in,the guys staring in awe and them Flake came in glaring at Artie and Jody.Sorry.Lazy me:P

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Lucarus smiled. "This is my daughter,Starry." Starry waved and sat down by her dad.All the guys still had their eyes on her and I had mine on Flake.He looked down,turned around,and walked out.He didn't look too happy for some reason.All of a sudded,Starry stood up and ran after him,her dad called her name many times but she ignored him.I cleared my thrat. "Who was he?"I asked.Lucarus and everybody now had their attention to me. "If you're talking about ole' White,I suggest we drop it.He's a rebel,a leaf-" "Oh come on,Sire,"Cyan spoke up. "He's a really nice guy." Lucarus laughed."Cyan,if only you weren't so blind." Cyan made a face but sighed. "Yes,sir." Jody snap out and shot up. "Lucarus,I apreciate your offer but there is no way I'm working with HIM."he pointed to Sterling who was chuckling. "Oh suck it up,Jody,you dumb fallen." Jody growled charging toward him but he disappeared in thin air.
  2. "Hey,settle down."Lucarus ordered.Jody shook his head and stood his ground. "I'M TIRED OF WAITING AND I WANT MY STONE NOW!!!" he stormed out,slaming the door.Lucarus sighed. "Go find the the water stone.It's around the beach,THEN go to Sol.You got it?" Avery lifted his head and nodded slowly. "Fine..." "And don't let anything happen to _____."He finshed.The guys nodded and they all walked out.I still sat there staring at Lucaras. "Uh,Lucarus,why so harsh towards Fla-I mean White?"
  3. Lucarus smiled. "He's just so...different.A bad different.I'll just throw him in the leaves room where he should belong or I can just simply snap him into a fallen." "What?!Why?!He's a nice guy." Lucarus gave me a look."You already met him?" I nodded slowly."He said he was going to help us.Me.And he gave me this." I pointed to my chain necklace which was glowing a white tender color.Lucarus observed it for a minute. "Avery is suppose to be giving you that.Not White." I shrugged."Well he did.Please don't do anything to him.He belongs up here." Lucarus sighed. "You and Starry are very alike..." I looked down feeling awkward. "So these angels are going to help?Why not wish the stones back?" He chuckled."Doesn't work like that.The stones are powerful so its impossible."
  4. "Oh." He held his hand out. "You must go now.I can feel like this is going to be your lucky day.Lets keep it like that shall we?"He winked and everything went white for a sec.I white faded and I noticed I was at the beach.The guys were already waiting there.Everyone except Artie and Jody. "Where's Artie and Jody?"I asked worried. Avery shrugged. "No one knows wheres Jody but Artie is out in the water looking for the stone." "What?Why aren't ya'll looking for the stone?"I asked again.Avery sighed. "I forgot to tell you.The person who owns the stone must find it themselves or from a little help from the stonekeeper,YOU." My mouth dropped. "So I have to help too?Why me?" "Because if someone else does it,the stone won't be easy to grab or it will set charges and vanish somewhere else."Mars added.Ray held his notebook to me.It read.: 'You are the only one to help.Go for it.' I smiled making him turn red. "Ok I will.Be right back."I called out,running in the waters.
  5. The water was fresh as I dived in.I'm not a very excelent swimmer but this is for the team and for Artie.Under on the oceanfloor was Artie.He was walking slowly,looking around.He didn't needed air so his mouth was slightly open,making cute bubbles.On the other hand,I needed air or at least I thought I did.I swam to the surface,catching my breath.This is going to take forever...
  6. I went back down,swimming down by Artie.He noticed me,his eyes widen. I smiled looking up.I was running out of air.Artie grab my hand.He breathe in motioning me to do the same.I shook my head,afraid if I drown.He frown and stroked my cheek making my butterflies flips and flutter inside.His grey eyes dropped to my lips.I suddenly felt nervous.He mouthed out 'breathe',bubbles came out as well.I nodded and breathed in,water entering my mouth but I didn't drown.Artie smiled and dropped his hand. 'Great!'he mouthed.I wish I could hear under water so I hear his nice calming voice.
  7. We swam around looking for the stone until I saw the shadow.The same shadow I saw that night we were training.The shadow that made me fall in the water.I swam close to Artie,tugging him.He noticed me and mouthed 'What?'.I pointed to where the shadow use to be.It wasn't there.Artie gave me a look of confusion.His eyes shuddenly widen at something behind me.I turned around and saw the shadow holding a stone.It was a round frisbee shape-size blue stone.In the middle was the water symbol which was glowing a golden color.Artie's necklace glowed the same and his eyes turned black.He clentch his fist at the shadow.It was just a shadow with no features but By the figure's shape,I could tell it was a guy.He waved the stone and sticked up his middlefinger before swimming off.Artie muffled a growl and swam after him mighty fast.I followed behind,trying my best to keep up.The shadow was fast but Artie was quick.He caught up with the shadow, grabing hold of the stone.The shadow laughed and punched Artie in the rib hard.
  8. I finally punched the shadow back and for just a shadow,it stumbled back dropping the stone.The stone suddenly set out what looked like sparks then it started to fade,probably setting charges or vanishing to another place.The shadow seem like he was laughing.I quickly swam toward the stone and as soon as I touched it,it stopped fading.The shadow stopped laughing and swam quickly towards me.Artie held his hands out and started to move them in circles.I realized the water around the shadow started to swirl into what looked like a tornado.The shadow tried to escape but he was caught in.Artie stopped and the water calmed down.The shadow was gone.
  9. I smiled and swam to Artie.He was smiling.A smile I've never seen before.He grab the stone,observing it.It then started to glow along with his necklace.Suddenly the waters swirl around us in a great speed,bring us to the surface.As soon as I was at the surface,I breathed in.The waves calmly brought me to the shore but Artie was still out there.Then suddenly the water rose into the sky.Artie was up there with his eyes closed and the stone in his hands.He was glowing the gold color and the water carrying him swirled like crazy.I stared in awe as he slowly open his eyes.They were now a brighter grey.His black wing spread behind him making him look like an angel that he use to be.His wings had this white glow to it but over all it was grey.Avery helped me up,his eyes not leaving Artie.Everyone was staring in awe.Artie motion the waves toward shore,the water growing small.He finally dropped on the sand landing perfectly.Artie's eyes shifted toward us,his smile never grew small.His eyes were amazing.
  10. "Water.Its all I have to say."He smiled.Avery chuckled and the rest cheered.Artie high-fived Ray and Charmy,his eyes not leaving mine.I shot him a thumbs up,making him smile even more.
  11. *Falcon's POV* I sat down on a boulder watching everyone cheer for Artie and _____.My heart ache and my blood boiled.I felt hated.Useless.I will never forgive again.I got up but was pulled behind the boulder.The last thing I heard was 'Sweet dreams babe' before a rag closed in my breathing parts.
  12. ***ITS SHORT AND I'M SOOO SORRY.It was supposed to be longer but I had to end it there.Sorry.One more thing.Who do you like?

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