Hiya peeps:)I have a problem Its very important and it makes my head hurt please read and read and read and read but you can stop reading this paragraph XD

Just keep on strolling down and down and downplease and read the next thing will ya?Its very inportant please so stop reading this STOP HERE and here and here and i cant believe you still reading this:P

Created by: rvelez

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  1. Hey there it's rvelez and I just want to clear things up.
  2. As you can see...Im working on two series and thats the problem.Its too much work.
  3. My first series:Crystal Clear all over again is down on the ideas.I know what I want to do in my other series:I Know Your Secrets and its all plan out
  4. I really love I know Your Secrets so I was thinking about stopping Crystal Clear all over again.Im sorry if yall read it but ill continue it after I finish I Know YourSecret.
  5. Thats the reason why I Know Your Secret have fast releases cause i have it all plan out.Im sorry if you wanted me to continue Crytsal Clear all over again.
  6. If you havent read any of my series i really want you too.please and ill love to hear your comments
  7. If you do read my series,thank you so getting the hang of it now:)
  8. Ok thats it sooooooooooooo.....I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!! I EAT IT ALL MOST EVERDAY XD
  9. I draw everyday and listen to music
  10. I get mad when i dont get my chocolate.Well thats it if you have opinions or ideas comment please:)

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