***IF YOU READ 'The Guardian' READ THIS***

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Hey guys! This is just a little thing I need my readers to.... Well, read! This is not the end of the series or anything, this is merely a way for me to catch you all up.

So, go ahead and start reading, and ignore what I type from here on out. Don't tell me you're still reading this. If so.. You are insane. Nah, just kidding.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Hi everyone. So, if you're wondering if I'm trying to stop the series or something, I'm not, I'm just trying to find a good way to foreshadow, so here we go. This will get you up to speed, so you'll be ready for part thirteen!
  2. ***Angelica***A month has passed since everything had happened, and life had not been the same. In a way, you could say Louis was the one keeping us sane, because once we'd lost him, we'd all started being impacted in different ways.
  3. For me, it tore any shred of hope for humanity. How could humans do this to one another? I didn't get why Louis risked his life for me in the first place, but I'd learned to accept the fact he was only trying to help. That always seemed to calm me down.
  4. As for Amanda and Maddie, they quickly grew bored of our state of awkwardness, deciding to move back to their hometown and track down their boyfriends, Matt and Zayn. They call us everyday, updating us on their growing relationships with them, and always wishing us the best of luck. Honestly, as much as they annoyed me at times, I had to admit I missed them tons.
  5. As for the guys.... It was pretty complicated. Jax and Christie ended up having to leave us behind, because of the danger we placed on them. As such, Zach and Christie ended up breaking up, which was inevitable, since they'd been drifting apart for a while. Zach had decided to go back to his old ways, being the excitable flirt he used to be. As for the two of us, we'd grown pretty close recently, both of us bonding by our pain we'd felt when Louis died.
  6. Castiel and Daemon were finally able to see eye to eye, and started to get along a lot better, no longer tense like they used to be. They'd both developed a strong hatred for their father, Lucifer, and as such, no longer talked with him.
  7. Grayson still was the same old uptight guy, always trying his best to guide me through life the way he wanted. He and Daemon still had a strong rivalry between them, but they were able to still hang around each other, as long as they didn't bring up my bonds to them.
  8. Blaze and I were pretty inseparable since Louis had died. Same with Zach. They both did there best to comfort me, always taking me out of the house to get some fresh air and stuff like that. Really, I think Blaze felt responsible for Louis's death, though I didn't think it was his fault.
  9. As for Jax and Christie, we hadn't heard much from them, but I knew that they probably felt just as bad as the rest of us.***
  10. ***DONE***Okay, now you all are caught up.

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