Hey guys. So, if you have read any of my series, it's important you take this so I know your opinion on some things. Also, I'll be revealing some ideas for my new series so...

I'd like to thank everyone who supports me, it really means a lot to me. I'd also like to dedicate this to Ericat, WeirdHead and HL, my biggest supporters, by far.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Hey people. Okay, so, first things first. As you know, I've been doing a lot of series... Here's the thing. I need to know if any of you are even reading them.
  2. 1: Heart breaking isn't a crime, is it?^ : not sure if I should bring it back. Let me know what you think. If I do bring it back, it won't be a very long series, maybe eighteen parts all together.
  3. 2: The Downfall ^ anybody read these? Not sure if I'll continue it. So... If you don't read these, read them and let me know what you think.
  4. 3:' If I didn't know any better'OK, so.... I sorta just stopped making this one, because I got distracted by my other series, ' The Guardian' so lemme know if I should continue it.
  5. 4: ' All because of a coke'So, should I continue this new one? Lemme know, cuz I need to figure out what imma do with it.
  6. Ok, now.....
  8. 1: ' Can I have this dance?'Description: Seventeen year old Grace Elliot, a former ballerina and rich girl, starts a new life in New Jersey, far from all her friends and family, leaving her old reputation in the dust. While attending her new school, Vastele High, she encounters a posh bad boy, Zavier Valente, and finds out that life isn't always easy.
  9. 2: ' Catch me' Description: As a child, Meghan Grace lost everything. Her courage to continue on, her father, her boyfriend.... Everything. Things just don't seem to get any better when she moves to a new city, attending Watercress High. The girl bully her, the guys flirt, and the only half decent guy there hates her guts after she does something downright awful. Will she be able to carry on?
  10. 3: ' Dancing alone' Description:For as long as she can recall, she's always been different. Madison Mafilla has always been a lot different than the other girls in her school. For one, the other girls didn't happen to still wear rainbow socks or put their hair in space buns. All of the guys in school, besides Roger Hopes, find her to be cute and spontaneous, and that.... That's what scares her most. Unable to cope much longer, she does the unexpected.
  11. 4: ' Poison in my mind' Description:Anabelle Batistelle's had it hard. Being pretty isn't easy, you know. At least, that's what she thinks. She wouldn't know, since she doesn't exactly fit pretty standards. Max Vantez, the schools player, can't keep his eyes off her though, but he won't let her get to him that easy. Can she win over the player or will she suffer the consequences?
  12. 5: ' It isn't easy being mean' Description:As a young girl, Cassie Rogers was raised to be a fighter. " don't let the other kids push you around. You got this, kiddo!" her father would say. She never really thought much of it, until it all went downhill. Her father died. A drunk driver hit him. Not just any drunk driver, Avery Louis, the new guy in her school. Will she stay strong or realize maybe life isn't all bad?
  13. ***LAST, BUT NOT LEAST***6: ' A million little things' Description:Antonio Larez was always the loner. She never said more than two words. Period. That all changed when the new guy in school, Cameo Vasquez, warms her heart and shows her life is such a blessing. What she doesn't know, is that Cameo doesn't have much longer to go before his journey is through. Will she stay strong or fall flat?
  14. So, lemme know what you think lol

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