How well do you know Pitch Fraser?

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How well do you know Pitch Fraser? Pitch Fraser is one of my O.C's and he's an important well known person. Why? Because he's different than the others.

But do you really know this Fraser well? Do you know everything about him or not? It's hard to get to know this Fraser. Why is that? What is he like? Do you know this Fraser? Find out! :D

Created by: rvelez
  1. What is Pitch Fraser?
  2. Who are Pitch's parents?
  3. What is his favorite color?
  4. What is Pitch obessed with?
  5. Who was Pitch's first crush?
  6. Why was Pitch abused?
  7. Fill in Pitch's quote: "It's love and _____."
  8. Why is Pitch quiet most of the time?
  9. Who are his close friends?
  10. Fill in his quote: "I have the looks of my father but the ______ of my ______."
  11. What did he turn into that made his eyes gold?
  12. Why did he join the Demon Destruction Program (DDP)?
  13. Pitch's looks?
  14. First secret?
  15. What instrument did he learn when he was young?
  16. With who is he married to?
  17. Pitch likes blondes with ______ eyes.
  18. What nickname was NOT given to him?
  19. Fill in his quote: "Be a liar. Be a traitor. But be someone who ______."
  20. What does Pitch fear?
  21. At what age did Pitch finish developing in?
  22. Why does Pitch avoid drinking and smoking?
  23. Why does Pitch want to be left alone most of the time?
  24. What color eyes do Pitch have when he's lustful?
  25. True or false: Pitch had feelings for Jak.
  26. True or false: Enero was the first to call him Flightless Pitch.
  27. True or false: Pitch is closer to Julio than Enero.
  28. True or false: Pitch taught himself how to fly.
  29. True or false: Pitch wears glasses.
  30. Last question: Where is Pitch's weak spot? ;D

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pitch Fraser?