Which GTQ forum fits you best?

Which GTQ forum fits you best? Which one will you go to or visit more often? There are a lot of forums on this site. Maybe like 17-19ish? There are a lot and all of them are different, but which one fits you best?

Due to many forums, this quiz do not have all of them for an anwser option? Why? Because there are too many. xD The results include: The Ballroom, The Lounge, The Gym, The Living room, The Arcade, The Library and The Workshop. Some of them are combined so yeah. Enjoy~! :)

Created by: rvelez
  1. What do you do when you are bored?
  2. Are you into sports?
  3. Do you love to read?
  4. Are you a dancer/love to dance?
  5. Do you watch tv a lot or play games/video games?
  6. Are you random?
  7. Would you rather talk about sports or tv show?
  8. Would you rather dance around or chill?
  9. Which sounds fun?
  10. What place would you go to on the weekend?

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