I'm a crazy writer ~rvelez~

This quiz is for all the writers here and everywhere! :D YEEPEE A QUIZ FOR USS. C: I also have a little annoucements for all my readers that read my story quizzes~.

And if you know any other writing sites, please comment. I'll love to know so I can spread my writing! It's a writer's dream right here. xD. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my lovely writers~

Created by: rvelez

  1. Okay so I like writing all kinds of stories but mostly fantasy, supernatural and romance with aventure. A bit of all of them mixed up to create one awesome story is what I like doing but sometimes I just like doing one type alone, you know? Like just a romance love story and that's it. :3
  2. Oh I just love to write but then my mind overflows with ideas. D: Like, I have this awesome amazing plot that will be good for a story but then another comes up and then another but theres no way I can do one story for each plot that comes to my mind. 3: And if I do that then...
  3. Okay, we writers should all know what's a writer's block. Yeah. That. Writer's block please do us writers a favor, please?
  5. As for me, I'm trying to find many ways to avoid that block. Music always help me and reading. Read a book or listen to music if you are stuck in one of those holes. It helps me. :)
  6. Okay, so I'm writing two story quizzes right now, I Know Your Secret and Cloud one. Sadly, I'm dead on IKYS. I mean... CAN YoUR PLOTS FLY AWAY FROM YOUR HEAD? CAUSE THAT'S WHAT I THINK HAPPENED AND I'M REALLY DEPRESSED CAUSE I WAS DOING ALRIGHT WITH tHAT ONE.
  7. I don't want to quit, I Know Your Secrets. It's too young to die. ;-; It's only on part twenty. :( For Cloud one, I just HAD to write that one. The plot didn't wanted to leave my head so I wrote it out and only on part three. Part four will be out soon. :) OHOHOHOHOH! I'm also writing Cloud one on Wattpad.com. Yesh but you'll get faster releases on here then on Wattpad. So yeah. :P I'm ThisWriter on there so.. c:
  8. For all my readers, I'm so sowwy. ;w; I'll try my best to get the next parts out.
  9. Writers, please don't give up. Write, write, write, and write. c:
  10. And if you have a story quiz on here that you want me to check out, comment. Or if you have one on wattpad. :)
  11. Okay. This Writer OUT~

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