250 Years Without You Part 5

I always rate 10 on the quizzes I take :) Because I take the quizzes I love. Just a little random fact. The reason I update pretty quickly is because writing helps me take my mind off things. I over think sometimes so writing helps.

I think I have a tiny writer's block. I forced myself to write this part. Not really xD I had trouble coming with what to write so this part may be a bit boring and it's a filler so all that. But don't worry, I already have the whole plot, just not the details. Oh right, character descriptions. I probably won't start them now, sorry :\

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. My head snapped up. "What did you say?" "Nothing," Adric gave me a creeped out look and inched his hands slowly into his pockets. I looked around wildly.
  2. A loud smacking sounded across the room. Vella was at the front of the room with her hands clasped together. "Has everyone got that down?" her strong voice and accent boomed. We nodded. I was surprised she didn't make us answer back by saying 'Yes ma'am'. "Next step," she strolled around silently, gazing upon people. Though what was out of place was that she was in a suit. A suit. Not sweats, not an army commander uniform, a suit. Without the skirt, just pants. And black heels. Her long, straight, sandy hair was parted in the middle, than tied into a low ponytail. She had secured a lock of her hair around the ponytail holder to finish off the elegant look. I thought it was a bit weird. "Next basic step. Whenever your attacker comes for you, grab their eyeballs," Vella stated firmly. "Like this," she swiftly pounced on a girl and gently grasped the students eyes with her fingertips. Vella let go. "It doesn't seem hurtful since I didn't even try. But under those circumstances, I want you to hold on as long as possible and squeeze. Your attacker will let go, temporarily blinded. That is, if there is only one attacker. Don't ever try with a group," she warned.
  3. "Do we really have to try that out?" I leaned towards Adric. He stifled a little laugh, "No. These are the ones where she's just adding a tip. What do you think?" I stared at him, realizing he was this close to laughing. Seeing him show these new emotions to me really warms me. Last night he seemed so distant. I grinned to myself. Vella clapped her hands and we shuffled out. "That fast?" I whispered incredulously. "You may have forgotten that you came in during the last 15 minutes of it. Tomorrow will be torture for you," Adric's soft, grey eyes twinkled. "So where are we going now?" I noticed that everyone trailed in the same direction. "Cafeteria." he kept his eyes ahead, occasionally flicking his dark lashes. Cafeteria? Aren't we all..close-to vampires? "We develop blood lust after a certain period. Then we are trained to resist it. It can become distracting," it was as if Adric had read my mind. But I'm not like you all! My mind screamed. I would have questions to ask when I see Dr. Cooper. The cafeteria was a giant room. Tables were lined up, their hard surfaces gleaming under the brilliant white lighting. The place was built so that you have to climb down some stairs, about 6, because the cafeteria was lower than the other surrounding floors. This made it that when you stood by the railing on the upper part, you would feel like lion king, gazing down at the whole court with people milling about.
  4. Adric led my down the stairs. Lunch ladies were preparing the food. There were two choices. One tray had a green apple, a bottle of water, spaghetti and a croissant. The other one had a green apple, a bottle of gatorade, a chicken wrap and a piece of baguette. I took the spaghetti one and Adric chose the other one. We stopped at a table near the middle. I noticed that many Synthetics were trading food until they wanted the combination they wanted. I smiled at the thought. It wasn't any different from school. Except we had more options. A bright girl plunked down on the seat beside me. "Hey Adric. Who's this?" she ruffled his hair and held out a hand to me. Adric grumbled and ran a hand through his soft hair. "I'm ___________," I loved her aura already. "Hey. Nice name. I'm Maura," she grinned. I nodded and filled my utensil full of spaghetti. I missed it. I took a giant bite and chewed. A sickening feeling swept through me. I gulped it down and took another bite. I excused myself quickly and climbed the stairs two at a time. I bumped into a supervisor. "Bathroom," one hand clamped over my mouth. He pointed to the right. I made a turn and burst into the bathroom. I emptied the contents of my stomach into the toilet. I shuddered involuntary. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I walked out of the cubicle.
  5. I flushed the toilet and stumbled to the sink. A girl was washing her hands there. When she caught glimpse of me, she put the two together and grimaced. I smiled politely and went to wash my hands. She put as much space between us as possible and inched out. Maura burst in. "Are you okay?!" she wrung her hands Then she patted my cheeks and touched my forehead. I couldn't help but laugh. "Upset stomach. Sorry," I murmured. "You sure," Maura was still trying diagnose my unknown sickness. She led me out and I gulped in the welcome air. We filed back to the lunch room. Adric was still there, picking at his food but he was surrounded by people. Mostly girls. I was reminded of high school all over again. He looked up and his calm, grey eyes locked onto mine. He pushed past the Synthetics and dumped his food away. "You alright?" he tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. "She says she is. I'm not really sure," Maura had a vice-like grip on my arm. "I'm fine. Just not used to food." I insisted. "Yeah. You weren't here when everyone went through the same stages. You need to develop your stomach to it. Since there won't be other food around," he shrugged.
  6. My eyes probably widened quite a bit because Maura and Adric both laughed. "It's fine really. We're already used to it. Though it tastes a bit of cardboard, you can still taste it," Maura assured. "So when were you Synthesized? Couple of days ago? You seem new at this. Usually the new ones don't get in until a week or so." she continued. I just nodded, not really knowing what to say. Would they still accept me if I was the Solune? Have they even been told? A hushed silence fell over the place. I looked up to see Dr. Cooper. Adric had lowered his eyes, so had Maura. "____________." my name came in a single sentence. I climbed the stairs and followed him, looking back to see people staring in awe. What was the big deal? He led me back to my room. He tapped my arms and legs after making me sit down on my bed. He observed my eye movement and such. "You really are making good progress," he said as he tapped my muscles. I have them now.
  7. "Soon, you can move into the dorms," Dr. Cooper continued filling out the sheet of paper on his clipboard. "Dorms?" I gripped the edge of the bed with my fingers. "Of course. You can't stay in the medical rooms forever. You're doing great," he gave me an incredulous look. I nodded sheepishly. He poked back the needles in my skin. I felt nothing this time. "What are these for?" I waved my arms around and a billion bags swung above me. "Those kept you stabilized. You aren't really used to it yet. You'll need it for a few more days. We take away a few each day so that's good," he locked my arms together so that the liquids won't fall on me. "I met Adric today," I stated. "Oh really? He really is the best yet," Dr. Cooper raised an eyebrow. "And I puked out my lunch today," I added. He gave me an apologetic glance. "Sorry, I forgot to mention." I nodded. "Why exactly do we need training?" "Because Synthetics are new at this. They don't know what to use their abilities for. We help them cope with it," his answer seemed rehearsed. "What are Synthetics for?" I challenged. "That is not your business for now," he was tight lipped.
  8. "When do I get to go out there," I was unfazed. I was going to crack this shell. "When you have passed all the tests. We will send you on missions," he played the game as smooth as I did. "Only Synthetic vampires?" Nod. "Are there more of us out there? Are you the only manufacture?" "Of course." a dark shadow fell over his face. A tiny hairline crack. "Do people know of us?" I pressed on. "Yes. But they do not know how to identify us," his walls crashed back up, letting out a little smug smile. I kept quiet. "Do you design everything about us? Personality wise?" "That is out of our control. It is risky to give them a mind but we have to. We try to raise them as well as we can," Dr. Cooper's answers were perfect, not missing a single beat. "Why don't you just create robots?" I was dreading the answers by the minute. He gave me a sharp look. "Does it ever occur to you that we were curious to create a Synthetic, then we got more curious?" he scoffed. I laughed. That was the best he could give me? "Keep the questions when you actually can come up with them," he winked slightly. I grumbled and laid down. I pretended to be asleep. When I was sure he was gone, I ripped of the tubes and crept off the bed. I grabbed a sweater that was just sitting there.
  9. I had the route memorized in my head already. The lab room was coming into view. I knocked on the glass door. Nora clicked her way and pressed a button. The door opened and the familiar whooshing noise filled the air. "Can I watch? I was sent to observe," I told a little white lie. She nodded. She led me to her table. A beautiful creature was there. A siren. Her eyes were closed, framed by thick, arched eyebrows. Her long silk hair changed colors. "I need to fix her fingers," Nora held up her thick sausage fingers. "I'm down to the last details. She can live about 800 years. This one is going to California," she glanced down at a clipboard. I breathed out, hearing a familiar place. Not some place like District 4 in Panem. "How many Synthetics do you make a day?" I questioned. Nora let out a hearty laugh. "It takes months to make one. Half a year at least. We mass produced 15 vampires this year. I suppose their in your classes," she added.
  10. "Really? Thanks," I waved and ran out. Interesting. Not really. I wonder if there's a library here somewhere. Adric did mention one. I passed the aquarium. "Hey."

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