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  • It wasn't too filler-ish. Beginnings kinda need fillers to get everything situated. Anywho, Doctor Cooper kind of reminds me of Jeb from Maximum Ride. And food that tastes like cardboard? What a horrible future this is D: . PART 6!

  • The Dr. reminds me kinda of Batman escape without the suit... But other then that he does... Eww I hate spagetti anyways so im cool with that. I wish the main character could find a way to escape that would be awesome. Well it would be awesome if it was how I imagine it.

  • I like the Dr. hehe Dr. is like a dad to the main character. Ok now what i was going to say- oh yea. awmazing job, but i need to ask you, DID YOU REALLY NEED TO PUT THE FOOD ON TASTING CARDBOARD!! grrrrr. *pouts* aweeee. Okay, when is the main character is going to tell Dr. about the powers or something cause if she is going to train self defense, she might as well train with her powers as well. hehe, well i'll just go to sleep or just surf for a couple of more minutes and imagine every character so far :3 keep writing please! luv it!!!

  • This was really good! Sorry I haven't commented on the other ones, I ran a bit behind. I really can not wait for the next one.

  • Yay! Part 6! *day dreams about Adric*


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