The Outsiders Quiz

The Outsiders is a book by S.E Hinton about friendship and belonging. It's an awesome book! :'D But, do you actually know The Outsiders? Do you know every single detail? o3o Or did you fell asleep while you were reading it? xD

Le anwser these easy questions (Well, it should be easy if you read the book and understood it) and see if you know The Outsiders! :D Good luck and if you haven't, read other S.E Hinton books? :3 x3.

Created by: rvelez
  1. How did the book start?
  2. What color eyes do Ponyboy have?
  3. What was Ponyboy?
  4. Who are Pony's brothers?
  5. Which side do Pony live in?
  6. how did Pony's parents die?
  7. Who is the oldest in the gang?
  8. Who was the smallest?
  9. Who do Soda love?
  10. Who was the redhead girl? And what was she?
  11. Where so Soda n Steve work at?
  12. Who was the gang's pet?
  13. Why did Pony run away with Johnny?
  14. Who helped them run away?
  15. Why did Johnny cut and bleach Pony's hair?
  16. What was the poem called?
  17. Who was thier spy?
  18. What caught on fire?
  19. Who saves the children?
  20. Who wins the rumble?
  21. Who dies at the end?
  22. What do Pony and Cherry had in common?
  23. What was Johnny's last words to Ponyboy?
  24. How did the book close/end?

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