How Well Do You Know The Outsiders?

Some people skim through books and take a lot of naps during movies. Did you do that or did you learn every detail about The Outsiders possible, like me?

How much do you truly know about The Outsiders? After taking this amazing quiz you'll know for sure how well you paid attention. This quiz will be a little rough, but when you get your mind blowing results, it will be all worth it!

Created by: Janie Daniels

  1. In the scene where Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit were walking home from the movies, what blew in front of Johnny's house, that Two-Bit picked up?
  2. What was Two-Bit's real name?
  3. What was Sodapop's middle name?
  4. Why didn't Steve like Ponyboy?
  5. Where did Johnny and Ponyboy hide and why?
  6. How did Johnny and Ponyboy get to their hide-out?
  7. Why did Darrel hit Ponyboy?
  8. When Darrel found out that Ponyboy had gotten drunk, what did he do?
  9. What color (IN THE BOOK) was Sodapop's hair?
  10. Who were the greasers and the soc in the commentary with three greasers and a soc?
  11. Pick the correct poem that Ponyboy stated in the movie and book.
  12. Finish this line from the book. "He would be real handsome if his eyes..."
  13. What happened to Johnny and the church?
  14. What book did Johnny and Ponyboy read in the church?
  15. Who died?
  16. What was "soc" short for?
  17. What did Dallas say to Ponyboy and Two-Bit in the hospital?
  18. Who sang the credit song?
  19. What did Darrel call Ponyboy that made him so happy?
  20. What was Ponyboy's real name?

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