The Outsiders By. S.E. Hilton

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Created by: Mr. Allery

  1. The narrator of the story is?
  2. Pony Boy wished he looked like..
  3. What happened to Ponyboy's parents?
  4. The greasers treated Johnny like her was
  5. When the greasers called something "tuff" it meant
  6. Who did Ponyboy and Sodapop meet at the drive-in?
  7. Why did the girls leave the Soc boys at the drive-in?
  8. Cherry believes the difference between greaser and Socs is that
  9. Ponyboy ran away from home because
  10. The fight between the Socs and Ponyboy and Johnny started with
  11. Who helped Ponyboy and Johnny escape town?
  12. What did Dally give Ponyboy and Johnny to help them escape?
  13. What book did Johnny buy on the supply run?
  14. Who was giving Dally information about the upcoming rumble?
  15. Why didn't Dally want Johnny to turn him self in?
  16. The reason Johnny and Ponyboy entered the burning church was because
  17. Darry was strict with Ponyboy because
  18. Randy told Ponyboy that Bob only wanted his parent's to
  19. Dally got a police escort because
  20. Before Johnny died, he told Ponyboy to

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