You know your from Raleigh if...?

With Raleigh being infultrated by outsiders we have to know our own and protect our identity. Raleigh has made us who we are, and we love Raleigh for it. Do you qualify to say your from Raleigh?

Take this quiz to verify your Raleighness and hold it with pride. If your quazzi new to the area you might learn a thing or 2. Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Kerrie

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  1. You remember when...?
  2. Your obsessive over the NC team...
  3. You know the parts of Raleigh are...?
  4. When you think about surrounding cities 1.Cary 2.Durham 3. Clayton you think...
  5. A weekend road trip is to...?
  6. At some point in high school you realized...?
  7. you realize there are set rules for the state fair including...
  8. You make ______ in route to school, work, etc
  9. Bob and Maddison host which event in Raleigh?
  10. You know the RTP is...?
  11. The only real mall in Raleigh is...?
  12. A Carolina Hurricane is...?
  13. you know someone who works: 1. at a bank 2. on a NC State farm 3. construction or landscaping 4. on the 6 year plan for undergraduate graduation 5. for wake county 6. for altell phone company add em up
  14. You don't pay to/for...?

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Quiz topic: You know my from Raleigh if...?