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  • Super sorry I didn't comment earlier! A couple things... Mars, I forgot about him D: could he show up more? I mean, even though he isn't a love interest, it saddens me that he plays such a little role. Sol, yes I want to meet Sol... I wonder why if his name has revelance to who he is. And awhhh I so knew that's what White was going to say :3 cuteeee

  • I'm between Artie and Jody at this point... Love the story! Keep writing, your plot is awesome and if you ever get writers block I am more than willing to help ;) This story is awesomeness!! ^^ Thanx sooo much for writing!

  • xxblutixx I'll try to bump Mars more^^ and Sol.. well you gotta find out in part 18. Secrets, secrets, secrets!!!:D and yeah. White is in luv:3 Thank you!!!!


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