I Know Your Secret pt.17

Welcome to part seventeen of I Know Your Secret. EPP! I'm almost to 20!!XD This part was suppose to be out days ago but stupid me is just addictive to the forums. >.< yeah I've been on there a lot but quess what! I'MMA COOL IT DOWN NOW.No more of that for a while:P but anyways,this part is short.My apologies:)

RECAP: Artie and you finally found the water stone and everything is different now from Artie.He's more alive. While you were cheering, Falcon was pulled back and I guess smothered with a wet cloth.Enjoy:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. The rest of the team went back to Canada's.This was going to be our last night here then tomorrow we're moving on.Let me say,its kinda awkward with the angels around the team but I try my best to shrug that feeling away.I sat down on the couch,about to take a nap but someone jumped on me.I snap up scared and looked up to notice Charmy and Remy giggling. "Hey,_____.Since its our last night here in this horrible place,"Charmy started.Over in the corner was Canada glaring at us.We laughed and Charmy continued."I was hoping we could have a night out.You know,hanging out,parting....having fun." Artie came in with his hands in his pocket.His hair was wet and he smelled great. "Fun?Count me in."
  2. My mouth drop. "Artie,are you serious?" Artie chuckled. "I don't see why not.I'll tell the others."He closed his eyes for a minute then openned them. "Ok.So where do ya'll want to go?" Remy shot her hand up. "I heard that Chance's having a party.We should totually go." Artie nodded. "I actually thought about having a movie together.You know...just me and the rest of the guys."Canada said in an annoying seductive way.Artie thought about it. "Nah.Movies aren't my thing.Dancing on the dance floor is my life." We laughed except Canada who was glaring at me.She rolloed her eyes and walked up to Artie. "Suit yourself,babe."she crashed her lips on his and quickly left leaving him speechless and mouth dropping. My blood boiled and I stormed off into,of course,a random room.I sighed noticing it was Ray's.He was strumming a guitar but he stopped.I blushed. "Sorry." He shook his head and patted his bed,putting down the guitar. I sat down and read what he wrote down. 'Don't be sorry.So whats bothering you?'
  3. I cocked an eyebrow. "How do you know something is bothering me?"I asked.He smiled and scribbled something quickly.He lift it up so I could see. 'Well..when you're happy,your eyes are these amazing gems and when you're upset...all I see in those gems is sad blurs.' I blushed. "Really?" He nodded and put his notebook down,his eyes not leaving mine. "So are you going to Chance's party?" He nodded excitely and mouthed out 'when?'. I shrugged. "I guess we're going right now." His eyes widen and he grabbed my hand pulling me up gently and leading me to his closet.He open his closet and took out a little black box.He faced me and open it slowly,revealing a charm bracelet. It was beauitful and just....wow.It had all the elements and the way it shined off the light made it look breath-taking. He put it on me and smiled. "Wow.Its beautiful.Thanks Ray." He nodded and kissed my cheek.
  4. I went red and I quickly looked down.Ray left me chin up and smile.He grab my hand and lead me to my room.He patted his clothes and then pointed at me. "Change?" Ray nodded,letting go of my hand and leaving,closing the door behind him. I sighed and remembered Charmy buying me outfits.I glanced down.The clothes were neatly folded. I was about to pick my outfit out but suddenly something knocked on my window.I slowly crept over there and looked out.A pair of crystal clear eyes stared back at me. "F-Flake?" He nodded and leaned into the light. "_____,we need to talk.Now."
  5. I sighed and let him in.He went in like a breeze making me shiver. "Sorry.I'm in my angel form." I nodded observing his wings folded behind him and his snowy white hair. "Falcon."he uttered. "They got him."
  6. "WHAT?!" I yelled. Flake winced. "I think I know where she has him held. FORGET WHAT LUCARUS SAYS! I'M HELPING YA'LL." I shook my head. "He's going to throw you in the Leaves room or even worst...change you into a fallen..." Flake stared deep in my eyes. "W-What?" I sighed and sat down. "This night is suppose to be a fun night" Flake sat by me. "_____,as the stonekeeper...you have a big responisblity.It's ok to relax once a while but this mission's important as well too.This might be tough but at the end it'll be worth it." I nodded and sighed once again. "Plan?" He nodded and stood up. "Ok so as you say,go to his party.Chance is being watched as well by Rodrick and other three idiots.Chance knows a way to get to Sol quicker so ya'll need to stick together and don't let Chance get caught by Rodrick. Chance's a spy for us.A fake "worker" for Noreen. Rodrick's a shapeshifter like Jody.Only Jody can define him so Jody will-" I stood up. "JODY?!Where is he?"
  7. Flake's mouth dropped. "What do you mean?! He isn't here?!" I shook my head. "Not since the meeting." Flake faceplamed. "This is going to be difficult if he isn't here. Just knock him out the plan.Anyways, I and the other angels are going to look for Falcon as the party goes on. Artie, Mars and Ray will face Rodrick's men and as that goes on, you and Avery will sneak to Chance. Rodrick will totually call Noreen for help, leaving the place Falcon's in empty.We angels will go help Falcon and we'll meet back at my lab, where Chance will be at waiting.Charmy and Remy will blend in and give signals to Artie,Ray and Mars and they meet up with us." "Nice.I love it."Avery clapped coming in. Flake looked down. "If it works..."
  8. "Flake- er I meant White,so all we got to do is blend in with the crowds and meet up with Chance?" I asked embarrased by calling him Flake. "_____,you can call me Flake and yes.Its simple.No questions asked." "I'll tell the rest." Avery said walking out. Flake sat back down slowly. "I quess I was meant to be a fallen.I'm not going back up there anymore."
  9. My mouth dropped. "Flake,why?" He chuckled. "They hate me." I shrugged. "Who cares what they think.You are awesome." White glanced back. "You remind me of Starry. Both of you are sweet." I smiled. "Cause we're right,Flake." I said grabbing my outfit (jeans with this silky top) and went in the bathroom,closing it. AS i changed I heard Flake hum a song and he finally spoke up, "_____,do you love being the stone keeper?" I put my hair in a messy ponytail and came out.Flake was lying back but his feet stil met the floor.He sat up,noticing me coming in. "Uh...well..." I started, "it's too much..." Flake tilted his head. "You'll get use to it.You're actually better than Sol. He use to be the stonekeeperbut Lucarus expelled him. He still has power over the stones but not enough like you." I rolloed my eyes. "I want to meet this 'SOL." Flake clapped. "Good.Cause you will."
  10. I nodded and put on my shoes. The whole time I felt Flake's eyes on me. I glanced at him and I was right. He gawked at me but snapped out. "Um _____, if you love someone, how do you express it?" My heart raced and not because he bought this up, but because I realized that I love all the guys. "Love expresses itself." I said in a low tone. He nodded slowly, bitting his bottom lip. "Cause I love someone and I guess I'm a wimp to tell her."
  11. I finally had the guts to ask the question thats taunting me. "Who?" Flake glanced back down,stood up and looked back up...... "Starry."

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