I Know Your Secret

Welcome to 'I KNOW YOU SECRETS.'this is my second quiz so please take it easy on me:)I also want to know what is a'POLL'please help me:P....Please also check out 'CRYSTAL CLEAR ALL OVER AGAIN'

Ok so this is like a "PROLOGY" It might be confusing at first...I hope it isnt but you will start to get very soon.The main character isnt you so just to clear that out in case you dont like her 'thoughts':D

Created by: rvelez
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  1. I watched HIM rip my pillow in half and destroy the furniture in my room.I looked at HIM in disbelief,running my eyes up to Him when he stood in my face.Nothing is more dangerous then those icy blue eyes that glared down at me.I couldn't help but lean in,his pink,soft, wet lips taunting me every second.I finally pressed my lips on his.Our lips fit like a puzzle,the puzzle piece I lost one year ago.
  2. I noticed I was tugging on his shirt,trying my best to take it off.He cut off the kiss and backed away.His eyes were glued to mine.I don't feel love...I feel lust.
  3. "Listen,"he started.He pushed a strand of my dark brown hair behind my ear and then looked at me."I promised to stay with you forever.I don't want to lose you."He rested his forhead against mine and took a deep breath.I felt tears swelling in my brown eyes.I really love him and I don't want to lose him too.I'll have nobody but my brother who is insane.He took a big breath."but we have to part..."
  4. Tears ran down my cheeks."Is this about-""Yes."He anwsered."You knew that this was going to hurt us but you insisted,baby."
  5. I suddenly felt weak and dizzy.The room felt like it was spinning or turnig into this blur.I could't see much but I felt my eyes close.My body fell in his musculair arms.The last thing I heard was'I love you'
  6. I woke up at a grassy meadow.He probably brung me here.I sat up and looked around.He was no where to be seen.This was the place where he took me on our first date.I stood up,my legs felt like jello,and called out his name.No sign of him.Not even a note.
  7. The wind blew against my skin making me shiver.How could he leave me?What did I d-I stopped and remember why he left me.I balled up my fists.Anger wash over me.They WILL pay.
  8. First,I need to find him.I ran off toward his house since he pretty much destroyed my house.I open his house useing the key he hid under the mat.
  9. I walked in my heart broke into pieces.Empty and I mean EMPTY.His things were gone and everthing was trashed.I fell to the ground and burst into tears.The guy in my life...gone....
  10. ****I think ill stop there:)yes,yes I know you are probably confused but you'll get the whole story soon,I promise.thank you for reading.Stay tune for part 2 and Ill love to hear what you think:)

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Quiz topic: I Know my Secret