500 Years pt. 3

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Welcome to part three of 500 Years. This part is long! :D Lol. Like I promised. In this part, you'll meet a guy and more main characters and such. :3

Excuse my sloppyness if you think it's not too great. I was rushing. :I But at least it's out.. I took longer and then I have to update my other story and it's just too much and-- eh. Who cares. Off with the reading.

Created by: rvelez

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  1. An explosion. It happened. I stood up but fell back down. I couldn't believe my eyes. Dead Blue was gone. And I sat in the middle of nothingness. I leanned back and my hand met the old dying grass. It didn't feel the same. It felt dead, hard and stiff like hay.. "What happened?" I choked, tears trailing down my cold cheeks. Kry. I bolted up but fell back again. "Krrrrrrryyyyy!" I called out. "Kry where are you?" Nothing.
  2. I crawled around on my belly and looked around. Right where my home was, imposing skyscrapers emerge from the ground. Millions of them, stood high and strong on the feild where I use to call town. "Rise and shine, my dear." I gasped and I was suddenly picked up by a strong male with bold alizarin crimson eyes and dark brown hair, almost the color black. "Put me down!" I screamed, kicking. He wrapped one arm around my legs and pinned them against his body. "Stop it." I blinked and gave him an insane look. "Stop it? Prick! Let me go!" His grip tighten and he continued to walk in a steady pace. I didn't know where he was taking me and I didn't wanted to know either. "What do you want from meee?" I whined and I really wanted to escape but I felt some kind of affinity. "Can you at least tell me your naaaame?"
  3. He churn and stopped immediately, dropping me to the ground "OW!" I chide, glowering at him. "Coast." He replied in a bold proud tone. I sat up. "Coast? Well, alright, Coast. Three rules. One, don't touch me. Two, what exactly are you doing? Three, WHERE AM I?" Coast looked up at the sky. "You're home?" I blinked. "Stop freaking teasing me! What happened to Dead Blue!" Coast dropped his eyes on me. "Dead Blue?"
  4. "Yes!" His facial expression plain out read he was confused and he wrinkled his forehead. "There was never a Dead Blue, dear." I glowled and tapped my legs. "Okay! You're very ignorant! But why can't I walk?" "I don't know. Are you just saying that or are you lazy?" "STOP!" I scolded, flailing. Coast stared at me, his face blank. He stood tall, still and perfectly. Just everything about him actually was perfect. He was lean and handsome. I shook away the thought. "I use to walk. Now I just can't feel my legs." He made that 'Ah-I-See' face and took a step. "Shall I take you to Dr. Cross? He will fix you, darling." I nodded and he scoop me up. "Wait! Kry! My little sister, where is she? Have you seen her?" Coast's eyes averted and he glanced back to me. "Kry?" "Yes. She's my little sister. You know, blonde hair and red eyes." He cleared his throat. "No." My heart sank. Where could she be? I need her. Did...she die? Did she make it through the explosion?
  5. "EXPLOSION!" I shrieked and Coast jumped, startled. "What? Explosion?" He asked. I shook my head and I heard him sigh. "Relax. First, we'll take you to Dr. Cross, then we'll find your....sister. Alright? I bet she's okay, dear. I'm not going to abandon you. You're..different." I nodded and closed my eyes. I was exhausted. "Thank you.." I managed, before falling asleep.
  6. My eyes fluttered open and I quickly sat up, realizing I was on a bed. "Huh.." "Ah. You're awake!" An old man spoke, emerging from behind the blue curtains. "It's about time, darling. You've been asleep for sixteen hours actually." My eyes widen. "Si-sixteen hours?" I choked. The man nodded, stroking his grey goatee. "Indeed." "You've gotten be kidding me." I argued but he shook his head and hugged his clipboard against his chest. "I don't kid."
  7. I whimpered, dying a little inside. Kry. My hands clentched the sheets of the bed. I was scared and worried. Mostly worried. "Where exactly am I? And who are you?" He took a step and chortled. "I'm Dr. Cross, dear. I'll be watching over you and dear old Coast was very nice, indeed, to bring you over here. You could've been killed by the-- well, actually anything out there."
  8. I swallowed and blinked, loosening my grip on the sheets. "Thanks but I really need to get out and find my sister." "Leaving already? Child, you're not well fit to go out there yet." "Well fit? What is that suppose to mean?" I quickly moved my legs. They were better. "I feel perfectly fine now. My legs are okay." Dr. Cross laughed. "You're not leaving dear. And by well fit, that's not what I meant." I made a face. "Then what exactly do you mean? You can't just keep me locked up in here! My sister is out there somewhere and I need to find her!"
  9. "That, my dear, is a secret for now. And unfortunately, I can. And don't you worry, dear. Dr. Cross sent some special people to take search of your...sister." He laughed and tilted his head to one side. "Dr. Cross has everything plaaanned out." I shrieked and and two women appeared behide me, each holding two straps. They smiled and then quickly strapped me down. "Hey! Let me go!" I cried, thrashing around. Dr. Cross cleared his throat and exited the room. The two women both followed and I just laid there, struggling to escape. They set this up. I know they did. Especially that Coast guy. I growled. " Damn you, hot guy...."
  10. "Silence!" A deep voice broke in, it echoing in the room. It startled me and I looked around. No one.. Then suddenly, four men came in, two behind me and the other by each side of the hospital bed.
  11. "Release me!" I ordered but they ignored me. They then started to walk and the men behind the bed, started to push me out the room. I growled and they pushed me down the white hallways, into another room. This one was huge, though and it caught my attention. Everywhere. In every corner. In every metal table. There was lifeless bodies there. I choked on my scream and another doctor came in. He looked much younger than Dr. Cross.
  12. Stop your screaming. They're not real bodies." He paused and grinned. "I'm Dr. White. You must be that girl Coast found, hm? What's your name? We never asked you did we not?" I glared at him and closed my mouth. He gave me an amused look and chuckled. "Very, well, deary. We'll call you Number." "Number? Is that the best you can do?" I glowered and he snorted. "We call all our guests Number. You want to know why?" "Why?" "Eh. Can't tell you." He taunted, moving over to a metal counter. I rolled my eyes. Pathetic.
  13. "What are you going to do to me?" I asked, hoping he'll anwser this question. "Something. It's a surprise." "Tell me. Now." I demanded and he picked up a needle, turning around, slightly. "Let's just say..'surgery." He replied, quoting the word surgery with his fingers. "For wha-what?" I choked. "You'll see." He laughed and just as soon he was going to intergect the needle in me, a bell rang. He sighed and set the needle down. "Lunch...I'll be back, Number. I'm starving." With that, he lefted, the others following behind.
  14. I sighed in relief and noticed a kid, about the age of Kry, lying on one of the metal tables. Equipment was attached to him and his eyes didn't blink. "Pst! Kid! Psssstt!" I whispered. He then blinked and his eyes shifted my direction. He had a blank expression. A scary one. He didn't look normal. No one around here did.
  15. "Get me out. Please." I begged and his head averted. He was pale and he sat up, slowly, like a robot. I watched him pull the tubes and cords off him, pushing the equipment away and he climbed down, breathing heavy. "Good! Now hurry!" I whispered. The boy eyes blinked once and he glared at me. That's when I saw it. His fangs. I screamed as he let out a blood curling scream, running toward me with incedible speed.Uh...

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