I Know Your Secret pt.10

Welcome to part ten of I Know Your Secret.Yeah I know I'm sorry for the late release.Forgive me:P On this part,there won't be multiple results so yeah.I also wanted to say thanks to ya'll who read this.I love ya'll :)

RECAP:You were stressed out and confused just like Avery so you went back home to rest.On Jody's pov,Noreen and Rodrick kidnapped him again and you,as the reader,found out that Jody and Noreen were relative....

Created by: rvelez
  1. I ploped on my bed all tired and confused.Why do I even try? It must be a lot of work for Avery to take charge on a big team so he could find all the stones.I got up and took out my old diary.
  2. I have't used it for years and it was still in good shape.I opened it and grab a pencil from my nightstand.I was jotting down everything that happened today and how I felt before a THUMP came from the roof. "_____!"Dale yelled from downstairs."I told you not to jump from your bed to the floor and you knew that !" I rolled my eyes and chuckled."Dale,that wasn't me so take a chill pill before you get-" A crash came from his room which was across mine.I got up and stuffed my dairy under my pillow."_____,what was that?"Dale asked from downstairs.I didn't replied cause I heard my name being called from his room.I grabbed Dale's poolstick that happened to be by my door and walked in his room.There wasn't any broken glass or...anything but his window WAS openned wide.
  3. Dale 's footsteps came from behind me."What's wrong,peach?" I pointed toward his open window and huddle close to him.His eyes widen."I didn't open that...there's someone in here." He picked up his baseball bat and grabbed my hand."Who lives closer?Lillian or Cole?"he whispered."Lillian." I replied.We ran out quickly and out of the house and all of a sudden...the house blew up.
  4. "WHAT THE F*** !!?"Dale yelled.His brown eyes showed fear and anger and as for me...I was speechless.Dale and I ran toward Lillian's before the police and fire department came."What is dad going to say!?He's gonna kill me and I mean KILL ME !!!" I knocked on the door but there wasn't no replied.I glanced at Lillian's bedroom window and saw her eyes peek out but then hid behind the curtain."She there but she's mad at me.I guess Cole is too."I muttered.Dale looked at me."Why?" I snap my fingers changing the subject."I know where we can stay.At Remy's boyfriend's house with Artie and Jody.They live there." Dale nodded and ran a ten minute run to their glass house.I was tired and I saw a shadow lerking behind trees and darkness.
  5. I hugged Dale's arm and shivered.I felt the shadows following us and as soon as I turned around both of us were pushed down by a guy.I looked up and noticed it was Falcon."______?I thought you were-nevermind.What are you doing here?"
  6. "I could ask the same too."I muttered as Dale helped me up."You know this guy,_____?"He asked staring at Falcon.Falcon backed away."Chill,dude.We DO know each other so would you calm down a little,perhaps,alot." Dale glared at him"And who are you to tell me what to do?!" Falcon chuckled."I'm Falcon,you must be _____'s brother Dale." Dale nodded."How did you know?" Falcon did a fake shrug."I have my ways." Dale painted a confused face but shrugged it out. I cleared my throat,"Our house blew up for some strange reason and we WERE heading toward-" Falcon interupted me by walking away."You two....follow me."
  7. Dale gave me the wtf look but suggested we follow him."Where are we going?"I asked. Falcon ignored me and continued to lead us to who know where.His chain necklace glowed a white glow with a purple tint just like Artie's and Avery's.His icy blue eyes grew icier and he made us stop our tracks."Hold on a sec."he whispered.He put his hand in the air and weirdly took the air he touched in his hands.Dale's eyes widen."What the-" Falcon shhed him and rustling from the bushes shook.Falcon smirk."Just like I thought.Someone's out here with us."
  8. He pointed toward a blue house."Go in there.It's open so you must lock it after you enter.Noreen's idiot friend,Rodrick,is here."
  9. Dale and I ran in the blue house and locked it.We both looked tired and confused and just then as we were going to sit down on the leather sofa, Ray came in looking confused.he took out a notebook and scribbled something on there.When he finished,he showed it to us.It read:'WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?!'
  10. Dale got up but before he could speak,I got up quickly."Hey,Ray.Uh,Falcon said to come in.He's outside doing something but he'll be back in a sec." Ray's chain necklace glowed a cyan color with of course,purple.He threw the notebook down and ran toward the door.He pointed to the lock signling us to lock it as he went out.Dale locked it quickly and glanced at me."You got a lot of explaing to do." I sighed."We'll explain later just...chill." Dale sighed and pulled me into a hug."I'm sorry.The only thing that is important is you being safe and ok.I'll never forgive myself if anything happened to you and dad wouldn't care with his stupid self." I smiled and felt a tear run down my cheek.I love Dale and I hope to see my mom again just to tell her that I love and miss her.
  11. Just then,Falcon came in with Ray all worn out."Two agaisnt one is rocking it!"Falcon smirked,slapping Ray a high-five."_____,Rodrick works for Noreen and he's the one who blew up your house but you could stay here with us.Ray,show _____ around while I explain everything to Dale."Falcon said sitting down along with Dale.Ray nodded and pulled me upstairs to an unknown room.He openned it and pointed to me then at the room itself. "This is MY room?"I asked trying to understand his gestures.Ray nodded and pulled me to the next room.He pointed to himself then to the room. "Is this your room?" He nodded and pointed to his name that was painted neatly on the door.I smiled and we went on to the next."This must be Falcon's."I anwsered.He nodded and once again pulled me toward a double door.He openned it and my eyes widen.Off to the left was an awesome looking library and the other side had a bar and a small pool that went along with a waterproof flatscreen."Wow,Ray.You and Falcon live here?" Ray nodded.
  12. "Why do ya'll have a better house then me?" Ray smirked and headed toward the bar.I sat down on a library table and gazed up at the ceiling that was filled up and designed with paintings and pictures.It made the room even more colorful and fill with life.I glanced back at Ray and noticed he was staring at me.He blushed and turned back around. "Uh,Ray...why don't you talk?"I asked.He looked back at me and sighed quietly.He grabbed a mini notebook and wrote down 'It's personal'. I nodded and went back to staring at the ceiling.
  13. *Artie's POV* I kept on repeating what happened last night over and over and over again.Me carrying _____ in my arms in the starry night and her smiling and clinging at me made me feel so- "ARTIE !!!!"Remy's yelled.I growled and got up from my resting postion.I kinda meditate but it's the complete opposite now.I can't keep ____ out of my mind anymore.It's 24/7 now.I openned the door to see an angry Remy."_____'s house blew up !" My eyes widen and I opened my balcony to see _____'s house that is 15 houses away,on fire."_____ !"I popped out my wings and took off . I got there in less than a minute and started to shoot water from my hands.The flames grew small and they vanished."______!" I called out running in the now black house.I called her name again but there was no sign of her.
  14. "_____!Please!Where are you?!"I yelled into the night sky.I heard sirens coming and I decided to leave,not wanting to get caught here._____ is okay,I know it because I could feel it.I flew back to our place and as soon as I entered,Remy was crying."Is she okay?What happened?Who caused it and where-""REMY,CHILL!I COULDN'T FIND HER AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN!" Derek came out all angry looking."DON'T SCREAM AT MY BABE YOU IDIOT AND CALM DOWN!" I ran up to him,our faces inches away."Does it look like I give a f***?"I growled.Remy broke us up,tears still in her eyes."We have to find her."she choked out.I pushed myself away from them."WE? I don't think so."
  15. *____'s POV* I stood up as Falcon came in with Dale trailing behind."Ah,Ray showed you the relaxing room,eh?"Falcon winked.I rolled my eyes."Whatever." Dale stared at me."_____,I can't believe YOU are the stone keeper.With all of this going on,"He turned around and faced Falcon."Can I join ya'll? I don't want anything to happen to ____?"
  16. Falcon put on his thinking face."I guess Avery wouldn't mind,right Ray?" Ray nodded but then shrugged,uncertain which to choose.Dale sighed."Where IS this Avery?" I tugged his sleeve."It was one of those guys that knocked on our door that morning." Dale raised an eyebrow."But where IS he?" Falcon sat down on a bar stool."He doesn't like it when we talk to him.Especially when he is extremely stressed out."
  17. Dale groaned."Fine.I'm going to sleep."He kissed my forehead and left.Falcon smirked and got up."_____,do you like to hunt?" I shrugged.Falcon grabbed my hand and motion Ray to come. "Uh,where exactly are we going?"I asked as we went outside.It was around eight.Where would a guy like Falcon take me to? I still don't trust him but Ray is coming along so he wouldn't do anything,right? "Are you afraid of heights?"Falcon asked.I shook my head and a smirk splat on his face.
  18. My eyes widen as he easily picked me up bridal style."Ray,I'll meet ya at you know where.I don't want to ruin the suprise for _____." Ray shot a thumbs-up and he disapeared and I mean DISAPEARED.Falcon looked down at me."You better hold on cause I'm a fast flyer and I mean HOLD ON." We shot up into the dark sky so quickly.I cling to him and hid my face so the wind wouldn't hit my face.
  19. When I didn't feel wind brushing against my skin,I popped out confused.Falcon wasn't flying fast.In fact,he was holding back his laughter."You said you're a fast flyer."I protested.He nodded."I AM.I just wanted you to hold on to me tightly."Falcon winked at me and continued to hold back his laughter.I felt dumb and slow."You're a jerk."I laughed.
  20. Falcon let his laughter out.He had a smooth nice laugh and I noticed that his icy blue eyes turned icyer.I gawk at him for a minute until he stopped laughing,realizing I was staring at him.He bit his bottom lip and then muttered out,"We're here."
  21. We landed perfectly like Artie and I jumped off.I scan around the woods that I was in."Ya'll hunt here?" Falcon nodded and took out a spear out of thin air."Lets get to hunting,shall we?" I smiled and we walked around,looking for prey I guess.My eyes stopped upon a deer.It was munching on leaves and grass."Perfect."Falcon whispered,smiling at me.He set out an aim,ready to throw the spear until I stupidly stepped on a twig,making it snap.The deer raised it's head and ran off."Damn..."Falcon cursed putting down the spear.I frowned."Sorry,Falcon." He glanced at me then back where the deer use to me."It's ok."
  22. He tilted his head a little before walking off.I followed him,of coarse.Falcon stopped,his eyes on this cabin looking thing.It was covered with weeds and vines,mold and other forest-like plants."I've never seen this before."Falcon muttered out and proceeded.I follow him toward the door.It was boared up but the windows weren't.
  23. Falcon smirked and handed me the spear. "Whoa,whoa,whoa,"I started."are you seriously going in there?!" Falcon put in one leg in the window but stopped and looked at me."Yeah,why not?" I rolled my eyes and he went in.I tossed the spear inside and went in too.The place was crowded with boxes and books.It was dusty and the place smell like rats and skunk.Falcon grabbed the spear."Wow.This place...reeks."He covered his nose,trying not to barf.I did the same but with my sleeve.
  24. A squeek came from a room that was locked."Stay here."Falcon ordered.He knocked on the door."Hello?Anybody there?"He asked.No anwser.He sighed and smashed the door down with his spear.We both walked in.I gripped his arm just like that night with Dale.In the middle of the room,was Jody.He was sitting down on a chair,not tied up or anything.His head was bowed down and he seem to be mumbling something out.
  25. "Jody?!"Falcon yelled."What in earth,no offense,are you doing here?!" Jody remained the same which was weird."Jody?"I uttered,scared for some reason.He finally lift his head up.His eyes were bloodshot red which freaked me out but wanted to hug him at the same time.Jody stood up,his eyes on Falcon."Go away."Jody muttered, kicked the chair off to the side.Falcon glanced back at me then back at Jody."Excuse m-" Jody took out a pocket knife and stepped closer to Falcon."You're dead meat."
  26. ****Thats it for this part.Gah school is in the way so I guess Imma have late releases:(....anyways,the results aren't multiple choice on this part so yay,huh?Stay tuned for part eleven:P

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