I Know Your Secret pt.12(The Coming 2)

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Welcome to part tweleve of I Know Your Secret.If you haven't read the other parts,you might want to.My mini shout-out goes to Xxdeath_anglexX.I love your comments.Ok on to the story shall we because you will be meeting a new guy and he IS going to be a result:)

RECAP: You were changing so you can go training with the rest of the team and as you were walking downstairs,someone hit you,making you black out....ENJOY:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Opening my eyes was a mistake as pain shoot up my head.I groaned and closed them back again.I felt wind slighty brush againt me and waves crashing.Where am I and who brought me here? I openned my eyes,staring back at a bamboo looking ceiling.The sun shine through the cracks and I tried to get up but failed.
  2. I didn't give up and I quickly but weakly sat up.More pain hit my head but I noticed that I was at a beach cabin.I got up and looked around.There was clay pots,bamboo,flowers decorated around like partylights and slowly...a white feather hit the ground.I picked it up and looked up.Nothing.I put the feather on the bed I was lying on and headed toward the door that was slightly open.I openned it and went out noticing that I was at....a beach.
  3. I step down the steps and looked at the sun.It was setting making the clouds purple,pink,and orange.I glanced back by the shore and noticed a guy walking slowly against it.The water met his feet slowly.He was wearing a white dress shirt that was loosen,not tucked in,his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows and he was wearing blue jeans that were also folded and pushed up close above his ankles so it won't get wet as the water hit his feet.He had dark brown hair,almost black from my veiw.
  4. We were the only ones here at the beach.I walked toward him ,unsure but I had to. "Um..excuse me?" I started. He stopped and turned around to face me and lord please help me.His eyes were crystal clear white.His hair wasn't dark brown at all.It was actually jet black.He was taller than me but not way too tall. "Yes?"
  5. I felt attached to him already. "Uh..." I gulped.He pushed his hands in his jean's pockets and smiled. "What is it ______?"His voice was smooth and clear like an angle. I noticed he said my name.I backed away."How do you know me and where am I ?" He placed his index finger against his pink lips slowly. "Shh.I am here to help you.Come."he put down his finger and held out his hand.I took it and he held tight. "I apologize for blacking you out but I had to." "What? YOU blacked me out?!" He let go of my hand as we started to walk somewhere.He sighed."Indeed.I am an angle _____ and I think that Avery's team isn't even close to finding the stones.Have you forgotten about Noreen? I think Avery is a bad leader.Have your team found at least one stone?" I shook my head."No but we're gonna." He cleared his throat. "_____,you said 'gonna'.Your team need to be active or Noreen will snatch all of those stones,leaving you all useless and weak like another regular human being."
  6. I looked down at the sand. "I guess you're right." He nodded and pointed to a metal looking house."Let us help you and you will indeed have all stones in your very own hands."
  7. I nodded again and we continued to walk toward the house. "Do the rest of the team know you?" He chuckled. "I would love to chat with them but for I am an angle.I can't be close to supernaturals like Artie and Jody.They are fallen angles and I despise them." I openned my mouth to say something but no words came out.
  8. We finally got there and he openned the door for me. I smiled and went in.It was a lab not a house.He held me back."HALT !" I noticed he was in his angle form.His hair was no longer jet black.It was now snowy white.His white wings were puffy and I realized it was the feather that fell when I got up.He pulled out a feather and scan it against one of those lab gaurd scanners and suddenly all the invisible laser beams became visible.He tapped a botton and the beams turned off. " I apologize.I have to keep this place protected..."He let go of me and we walked all the way in.
  9. I glanced at the lab then at him."What's your name?" He smiled."My name isn't inportant but if you insist...it's Flake." I nodded. "So how are you going to help us?" He pick up a map that was sitting on the lab table."Because I know where all the stones are..."
  10. "Here.Take this.It shall help you and If not,I will follow your footsteps and guide you.You also need one of these."He openned a drawer and pulled out a chain necklace just like the rest."May I ?" I nodded and he went behind me and put on the necklace.
  11. After he put it on it began to glow several colors. "That happens.You'll get use to it." I nodded and grabbed the map and read where the first stone is."It said that the water stone is at California." I stated looking up at Flake.He nodded and smile."_____,you ARE in California."
  12. *Falcon's Pov* We searched the house for a sign of ______ but it was no use.She's gone but where? "Guys! SHE ISN'T HERE !"I yelled.Artie growled and went up to my face."This is YOUR fault !"he yelled.Anger rushed through me. "HOW IS IT MY FAULT ?! I WASN'T WITH HER!?" "Thats my point you jerk!"Artie growled.
  13. I pushed Artie out my way but he pushed me back making me take a swing at him.His cheek shot red leaving my fist's print.He suddenly tackled me down,both of us punching.Jody just stood there and finally Ray came in.He touched Artie's shoulder and Artie went out.
  14. I pushed Artie off me and felt someone pick me up angrilly and taking hold of my shirt's collar."ARE YOU TWO INSANE?!"Avery yelled.His eyes were buring making me look away.Charmy came in."Ave,clam down.We have to find _____ first before you can wrestle." Jody glare down at the ground."Lets get going." Mars cleared his throat."But where?She could be anywhere !What if Noreen got her?" Avery let go of me with an attitude and walked over to Mars.
  15. Avery stood in front of Mars."I don't think so...."he muttered.Jody cleared his throat."When Noreen fails once,she doesn't come back for more for a couple of days." Avery glanced at Jody."How do YOU know?" Jody looked back down at him.He is still hiding something.He always been.
  16. *Jody's POV* I sighed and felt Falcon's eyes burned down at me.Thank God he can't read minds but I know for a fact that _____ ISN'T with Noreen,knowing Noreen as my cousin....
  17. I sighed again and grip the rose I gave to ______ two days ago.She left it,not knowing that I gives her luck.I felt everyone eyes on me so I slowly placed the rose down on the white table and left....
  18. *______'s POV* My mouth dropped. "Thought I should give you a head start."Flake smiled.I hugged him and he hugged back.I backed away."But how will the others know I'm here?" Flake raised an eyebrow."I left them a suprise right before I took you.They will be here any minute and you can keep this lab because it will be in good use but first, I have to leave so farewell _____,the stone keeper."He soon started to disappear into the air leaving me here alone.
  19. I walked around the room and squealed.Everything was so high class.My necklace glowed again but this time purple.What does purple mean?I shrugged and noticed pots of flowers by the windowstill.All of them were pretty but not as pretty as the one Jody gave- I gasped.I don't even know where I left the flower.The last ime I placed it down was at my room which is now burnt down.I felt horrible and then all of a sudden,a white glow appeared on the metal lab table.
  20. *Charmy's POV* I walked down the halls and noticed something strange.It was a note with a snowflake on it.I read the note: [i]'California is where _____ is.She is okay.I apologize for taking her but you better get going.Those stones are not going to come back to you themselves.I expect better from you all ...'/i] . I dropped the note and ran to the others.
  21. *_____'s POV* The glow made everything white.I walked over to the glow and gasped.The white rose that Jody gave me was here.It was still fresh looking and I wonder why and how it got here? I picked the rose up and walked out the lab.As soon as I left,the beams turned back on and the door locked itself behind me.I shrugged and sniffed the rose.
  22. I then looked through the map.It said that the water stone is in the ocean.I look at the ocean crashing against the shore and decided to walk toward it.I took off my shoes and walk in the water,not trying to wet the rose.I stopped waist level and I couldv'e went in deeper but someone shout my name.
  23. I turned around and noticing Artie running toward me.He stopped with his hands in front of him."Stop,_____.What are you trying to do?Kill yourself?"He muttered the last part making me suprised that he'll think that but I got out the water and ran toward him,throwing my arms around him.
  24. "Thank God you're alright.I was worried." We both backed away.His cheeks turned pink and he glanced away for a second then back at me.He held my hands and we both leaned in slowly.
  25. "_____! YOU'RE OKAY!"Avery called running over.Artie backed away and let go of me.He just smiled as Avery hugged me teeling me that he missed me and was too worried.I saw Ray and Mars running toward me.They both hugged me along with Avery."Uh,guys.."I choked out."Can't.Breath." The three of them let go laughing.
  26. "So how did ya'll find me?"I asked. "I saw a note."Charmy said walking toward us with Jody trailing behind her."Oh.."I muttered thinking about Flake.I looked down at the rose and then back at Jody who had his head bowed down.I poked his stomach showing him the rose.His glanced up and his eyes widen."How-how-" "It suddenly appeared here."I replied.He didn't smile or frown.His face showed no emotion. "So why are we here and who brought you here _____?"Charmy asked.My smile disappeared.Should I tell them?I decided not to so I quickly changed the subject."The water stone is here at this very beach.It's in the ocean."I said pointing toward the ocean.Artie's eyes widen."WHAT?!LETS GO GET IT!" He ran toward the waves.Avery sighed."I guess we have to find a place to stay in for the time being." Mars jump up and down."My sister lives around here.We can stay there until we find the stone." Avery nodded."Where does she live?" Mars thought about it for a sec. Then pointed east."We have to get a taxi though."
  27. Ray took a load of money and smiled. Avery smirk."I love you bro.Come on." Ray smiled and we walked toward the busy streets waiting for a taxi."What about Artie?"I asked.Avery glanced back toward the beach."He'll be fine and I'll come back for him."he replied. "Where's Falcon,Remy,Derek and Dale?"I asked again. "They will come later on,don't worry."
  28. A taxi cab finally stopped and we went in.We were squished but I didn't care because I quickly fell asleep. *1 hr later* I woke up in a room.Charmy was reading a book by the bed I was on and Jody was killing moves with a yo-yo by the window which was dark. "Oh _____,you're awake !Do you still want to train?" Jody turned around waiting for me to replied. "Sure."I replied,wanting to see what mew stuff I can do.Charmy smiled and I got out of bed."How did I get here?" She pointed to Jody who was still with the yo-yo.I blushed and we went out. "Follow me.Mar's sister has a gym where we can train."Jody finally said.We followed him through mazes of halls and into a gym.The rest of the team was already there training. "Great !Who's gonna train me first?"I asked.Jody raised his hand."I'll be happy to teach you first."He said.I nodded but he pulled me in another room in the gym.He turned on the lights and I noticed it was a green house."COOL!"I exclaim.He chuckled closing the door.
  29. He stood in front of a pot of flowers."_____,earth is easy to control.All you got to do is clear your mind and think about growth and control.I nodded and glanced back at the pot of flowers,clearing my mind.Minutes passed and the flowers were the same.I sighed,frustrated. "Hey,don't be frustrated.Just think about growing up.Don't give up."Jody smiled. I nodded and took a deep breath.I focused on the flowers and suddenly the flowers grew and grew to the point that the pot broke. Jody clapped."Alright! Nice,_____!" I smiled.He then sat down on a stool."_____,about yesterday,I'm sorry if I frighten you.I couldn't control myself without my necklace.Thats why we have them so sprites won't go in us." I nodded."So thats what Rodrick was doing?" Jody nodded and grip his necklace."_____..can you keep a secret?" I nodded. He cleared his throat,"Noreen and I are cousins." "What?!" Jody shushed me."Please.I don't want the others to find out." I sighed but promised. "And that rose I gave you,it gives you luck."
  30. "You're kidding." I smiled.He chuckled."I'm not." I stared at a mini garden that was growing strawberries.I focused on it and suddenly the strawberries grew big,red and juicy.I smiled and glanced back at Jody who was grinning."Show off."He teased.I blushed and we had a contest on who can make the most growing plants.He had like 29 and I had 30."Haha.Bet that!"I teased.Jody shrugged."I was easy on you." I rolled my eyes.Just then Avery popped his head in."I'mma steal _____ from you,k Jody?"he banter.Jody smiled."Go ahead but you won't be sleeping well cause I'mma be in your dreams scaring ya." Avery rolled his eyes."Good luck,Jody." Jody laughed as I followed Avery out into the gym. "We are the only ones here so theres alot of space for us firestars."he laughed.I smiled and blushed slightly.He didn't noticed so thank God. "Okay.Fire is going to be hard for you cause you are a sweet sugar cookie.Anger is one of the main ways to start but another way is by thinking about something or someone you love."
  31. I nodded and held out my hands.I thought about music.I love music and I remember listening to it with Cole and Lillian after school but thoses days are over.I felt heat in my hands.Fire slowly appeared making me smile."Cool!" I laughed.Avery stole the fire ball away,sticking out his tongue.I snatched the fireball back and threw it up in the air like a ball. "Yes!You got it !"Avery smiled forming another fireball."Ok,now listen.Sometimes you can burn others with fire unless you don't want to hurt them.If you want to hurt them,then the fire will.For example,"he grab a bamboo stick with the hand that had the fireball.The fire didn't burn or set the bamboo on fire.I grin at the sight."Now for the other way,"Suddenly the bamboo was in fire. "COOL!"I said amazed."So it only hurts and destroy if you want it to?" Avery nodded and suddenly the stick was washed down by water out of nowhere.I then noticed Artie laughing and walking toward us.Avery rolled his eyes and chuckled."Found the stone or did it got dark?"
  32. Artie form a waterball."It's on!" Avery laughed and ran to the other side of the gym.Artie chuckled and threw the ball at Avery.He got wet and that sound when Spongebob flips a patty on the grill came from Avery."Ouch."he groaned. Artie laughed."Now I AM stealing _____ from you." Avery sighed."but we just started." Jody came out the green house."Payback sucker."he laughed.Avery gorm a fireball but Jody was ran out the gym quickly.Artie pulled me with him.He made a L on his forhead with his index finger and thumb."LOSER!"he teased.Avery chuckled."This isn't over Artie." We went out into the backyard where there was a huge pool.It's cyan color made everything cyan.I smiled at the cyan Artie."Okay.First thing first,this is the opposite of fire.So you think the opposite." I nodded."So I think about happiness and not anger?" He nodded."You can also think about love just like fire.I took a deep breath and suddenly thought about the team and how I love hanging out with them.A waterball was soon in my hands swirlin
  33. I squealed and Artie chuckled walking on the water's surface.I dropped my mouth along with the ball(:P) "Show off!Show me please."I begged.He held his hand out."Of course.All you got to do is pretend the water is ground.You got to respect water and if you don't...well you fall in."he laughed as I took his hand.I quicklt pretended the water was like regular ground and I couldn't believe it.I was walking on water!I squealed. "Remember...concerate or you'll fall in."Artie repeated.I nodded and let go of Artie's hand.I ran around the water and I saw shadow in the bushes.I lost conceration and I fell in.The water was cold and I am not a very well swimmer. "_____!"Artie cried out suprised.He pulled me out and laid me down on a bed od towels."Are you okay?" I coughed out water then nodded."Yea-yeah I'm fine." He sat by me,swinging a towel over my shoulders.
  34. I rested my head on his left shoulder and sighed."_____,when I'm with you...I feel diffrent.I've never felt this way." I lifted my head up."How diffrent?" Artie shrugged."I'm not sure but I know its a good thing." His grey eyes met mine making me melt.His pink lips were taunting me and I couldn't take it anymore.We both leaned in slowly and when his lips met mine I exploded like fireworks.His lips were fruity and soft.I put my arms around his neck as we continued to kiss.I couldn't stop.His lips were so addicting but he he back away quickly.I let go of him so he stood up."I..got to go."He muttered not making eye contact.I pressed my lips together,his touch somehow still there,and nodded."Okay." He walked in the house leaving me here alone...
  35. I felt some one poke me making me scream but the person put his hand over my mouth."Relax,____.It's me,Falcon." I calmed down as he let go and sat across me."Had fun with Artie?" I felt myself go crazy.Did he see us...kiss? "What do you mean 'fun'?"I asked. Falcon looked confused."Well...you ARE wet and I'm guessing you too had some water fight because he IS water." I sighed relief and nodded.Falcon still had that confused face but he pushed it away."It's my turn though so up up you go."He laughed helping me up. "Ok."I grin. "Don't worry.Wind is the easiest of them all so it'll take like a minute unless you are a slow learner then it will take fiveminutes."he teased.I pushed him to the side and all of a sudden,a gush of wind pushed me. "Take that!"He laughed. "Okay how do you do it?"I begged. He chuckled."All you got to do is think about freedom.Think as yourself...free."He flap his wings like a bird and I was slow that he was in his form. "ok."I quickly thought about leaving my dad and having freedom
  36. I felt the wind hit Falcon but he quickly used a his arm as a sheild.He swing his arm toward me and wind puched me off to the side."He laughed and helped me up but I quickly twisted his arm and threw him over myself.I got up,giggling.He chuckled and got up using his legs and he took a swing at me.I backed away but wind pushed me toward the pool.I quickly pretended that the water's surface was ground and I feel on it,not falling in the water.Falcon growled and walked towaed me.He stick his foot in the pool but his shoe got wet."Damn it!"He laughed backing away.I quickly form fireballs and threw them at him.He killed outstanding backflips and dodges every ball.
  37. Falcon laughed at I set the tree and bushes on fire behind him.I quickly shot water from my palms,setting off the fire.Falcon's mouth dropped."I surrender."He chuckled.I smiled and walked off the water's surface."That was fun." He nodded."But we all have to rest so lets go inside."
  38. As soon as we went in,Dale held out a plate of mash potatoes,beans,and steak. "I made it just for you and it's your favorite." I hugged him tightly and took the plate.I ran in the kitchen and sat down,eating.I was staring and the last thing I ate was those pancakes.I was almost finished when Mars came in."Woah.Take it easy and don't gobble up the plate,we need that."he teased.I rolled my eyes,finished,and washed my dish.Mars got out a cheese stick and ate it quickly. "Woah,YOU calm down."I banter.He turned red and ran out.
  39. I walked down the hallways,trying to remember what room I was.I stopped at a room and heard voices.I placed my ear on the door,hearing a unfimilair female voice with Avery's. "I miss you so much,Ave.Do you miss me?"the voice asked. "Um,I can't anwser that."Avery whispered.I heard someone got up and sat on the bed."Come sit with me.We need to talk."She probably is the one who is sitting down on the bed.I heard footsteps walking,probably Avery,and then sitting down by this girl.I noticed the door kinda open and I decided to take a peek.
  40. I saw a girl sitting down on the bed next to Avery.She had brown short wavy hair and blue eyes.She was kinda pale and fraigle looking.
  41. She started to stroke his cheek. "Can,I have to go."Avery got up but she pulled him back down. "Ave,I'm not done."she muttered. Avery sighed."We need to talk about this later on,Canada."
  42. "Canada !Will you listen to me?!" The girl,I'm guessing Canada,pouted.Avery removed her hand off him and stood up but she stood up quickly,kissing him.
  43. ***Ok thats it for this part.Omg..it was long.I guess I got carried away:P comment/rate?One more thing: WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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