Prediction quiz

The title says it all!! This is a prediction quiz and it'll tell you if you are good at predicting! :D Are you good at predicting? Are you sometimes lucky? Or do you go bad? xD This quiz will tell you! This might not be accurate. :)

Directions: You have to predict all the thing I am thinking about or doing! As I was making this, I was thinking of the certain right anwser so each question has a correct anwser! Enjoy! :)

Created by: rvelez
  1. What smiley face am I thinking of?
  2. Color?
  3. Animal?
  4. Guess how many finger I am holding behing my back!
  5. Choose the word that I might say RIGHT now.
  6. Guess how many friends I have on here!
  7. Frowny face?
  8. What color marker am I holding right now?
  9. Lets say I have control over the weather. Predict the weather tomorrow that you think I might let happen.
  10. What do you think I am using to make this quiz right now?
  11. I put a ball in a cup and there are three cups. Guess which one has the ball.
  12. Guess how old am I?
  13. How many family members do you think I have?
  14. The rest of the questions, you have to predict what shape I am thinking about! Which shape am I thinking about right now?
  15. Shape?
  16. Shape?
  17. Shape??? :D
  18. Shape? :3

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