Fortune Teller Quiz (I can predict your future...)

Four results, four lives, four different kinds of people. If you want to entertain yourself with a prediction of the future but can't be bothered to go find an actual person then this is the quiz for you!

For entertainment purposes only. Psychics don't actually exist, so pretty please don't bash the quiz in the comments because you don't like your result.

Created by: The Great Fortune Teller
  1. Do you want children?
  2. You think something negative that you might do would be...
  3. Which of these is most like your dream?
  4. Your life would be awful if...
  5. How are your grades?
  6. Were you popular?
  7. What's your orientation?
  8. How rich are you?
  9. Should I sugar-coat your result?
  10. You expect to die-?

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Quiz topic: Fortune Teller Quiz (I can predict my future...)