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  • Your Result: Result 2

    You can't afford to go to university so you start working at the mall three days a week and as a secretary. You meet a guy/girl at your job and fall madly in love, two years after you have one daughter. Three years later you catch partner with another man/woman. You get divorced shortly after, and your child lives with you but sees your ex every weekend. You have a very hard time paying bills and end up being forced to steal money habitually to support yourself and your child. You get caught and go to jail for a year and your daughter lives with your ex for that time. When you get out your family is extremely happy to see you, and you even start dating your ex wife/husband again (she/he swears he/she will never do anything to hurt you again and kept that promise) you get a job teaching at a special needs school and die of old age when you are eighty-two

    hmmm. ..not bad, but i really don't wanna go to jail! oh well, who says i'm going to? it's just a quiz.

  • Your Result: Result 3 80%

    You go to medical school and become a wealthy doctor. You marry a gorgeous charming twenty-seven year old man/woman when you are thirty-three. You aren't very happy for awhile and have to ask your spouse for a divorce. You soon adopt a baby girl from Africa. Then you become a surgeon and at the age of fifty-three you meet the love of your life. You get married and spend the rest of your life happy. Your spouse dies when he/she is eighty-three of unknown causes. You die at the age of ninety of a heart-attack.

    Go od quiz, but,I wouldn't be a doctor or get divorced. I might adopt a child from Africa though...

  • I love my result :)

  • I will NEVER SMOKE

  • That all made up for me

  • Wow, I die by getting hit by a bus.... Dark stuff, dark stuff.....

  • That was a weird quiz 0.o

  • h... result 4

  • :( i get run over by a bus.

  • wow that's not like me at all.


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