Your Future Life

You may be in school ,wondering what you future holds, or you may be wondering who you may be married to in 30 years time. Or if you will be having any kids, perhaps.

Maybe you could try a fortune teller. Or tarot cards. But you could try this quiz, which is right in front you. This quiz examines the current path you are on, and if you keep on that path, your result may well be the future you will have!

Created by: Eloweasel

  1. What age range are you in?
  2. What would you consider your talents in?
  3. Do you consider yourself:
  4. If you had to count the amount of risks you take a day (on average)(between one and ten) what would it be?
  5. What are you currently doing with your life?
  6. If you are not in school/college( or did not answer one of the school/college related answers above), how well did/do you do in it?
  7. What four temperments personality type is most like you?
  8. How many romantic partners have you had in your lifetime?
  9. How close are you with your family on a scale of 1-10
  10. Go through the question again and make sure you've answered them as accurately as you can. Have you done this?

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