What Big Nate Character Are You?

There are 6 billion people in the world how many people know that there is that many people in the world? you will find out if you are a brainiac or a loser!!

Do you think you have what it takes to be cool come digest this quiz into an amazing fortune teller because it is amazing to find out you real actual genuine fortune!!

Created by: poptropica

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  1. Do You Get A Lot Of Detentions?
  2. Do You Like Someone That Is Someone In Your Bands Boy/Girlfriend?
  3. Are you so interested in social studies you practice your math for school at like 7:00 am?
  4. How do you get detention? follow big nate. who is fricken kind enough to say that?
  5. Are you clueless enough not to know what your kid god damn wants?
  6. Do you like to yell at people who didnt do a thing to your life?
  7. Do you mad at people when they wear your clothes?
  8. Do you see kids get in crap?
  9. Do you think your better than your younger sibling?
  10. Do you like rubiks cubes?

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Quiz topic: What Big Nate Character am I?