Hardest Big Nate quiz.

Welcome, to the Hardest Big Nate Quiz! You may have taken Big Nate quizzes to see how good you are, but this is the hardest one! Take the quiz to find out if your a true Big Nate fan.

Are you prepared on your Big Nate knowledge? Are you ready to see how truly of a Big Nate fan are you? Well then answer the questions below and find out!

Created by: Spyroclub1

  1. What major league baseball team is Coach Calhoun favorite?
  2. Which one of these is not one of Nate's comics?
  3. Where did Nate first meet Trudy?
  4. Where did Nate first meet Kelly?
  5. What is Nate's current baseball team's name?
  6. How did Nate first break his wrist?
  7. What is Nate's locker number?
  8. What is Francis's GPA?
  9. What is Gina's GPA?
  10. What is Chad's doctors's name?
  11. What is Chad's pet hamster's name?
  12. What country was Mr. Staples born in?
  13. What is Nate's school's mascot?
  14. What days does Coach John takeover in Gym?
  15. Who gave Gina her only detention?

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