How well do you know big Nate

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Hey do you know a lot about Big Nate then try this quiz you will be tested on your big Nate KNOWLEDGE so try your best and ace this test. Knowledge is power

This quiz will ask 10 questions about the book series Big Nate these are true facts and taken from the books so have with big Nate and this quiz. 😋😜

Created by: Shadow the cat
  1. What is the name of his band
  2. Who are Nates best friend
  3. Nate _______ cats
  4. Mrs.Godfrey is
  5. Nate is known as the
  6. Nate goes to which school
  7. Nate is the goalie of which sport
  8. Nates dad one ran a
  9. Nate likes
  10. Nate likes which team

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Quiz topic: How well do I know big Nate