Are We Alike? :3

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There are many people in the world, but not people like MEH. I, after all, am the world's greatest unknown epic loser on earth! *gives evil eye* yeah I have no life. Don't judge.

This quiz is gonna be stupid of course cause I didn't ask that many questions, if you really want to see if we have that many things in common, just talk with me, cause I bet we do ;]

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. First question, do you like to read? By the way, these are just going to yes or no answers, so yeah.
  2. Second question, do you like GTQ?
  3. I'm gonna stop saying the number of the questions cause it already says it on the left xD do you like thunderstorms?
  4. Ohkay. Do you like to eat a lot?
  5. I'm not putting effort into this quiz, and I know, I didn't put anything funny, so suck it up if you were looking for entertainment. Alright next question, do you smile a lot?
  6. Do you have big brown eyes?
  7. Do you like colors??? :D
  9. Oh sorry for the CAPS >:/ are you a goof ball at times?
  10. My throat hurts -_- okay do you like spooky stuff?
  11. Do you like comedy?
  12. MUUUUSIC.......don't ya just lube it? (xD Ting if you're reading this HIIII)
  13. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE TITS IN THE WORLD. Do you like rain?
  14. WTF WHY DID IT CROSS THAT OUT? Um..... sorry about that xD okay do you like to um er ger ser per fer cer der, ok ignore that. Do you like the beach?
  15. I'm running out of questions D; are you laid back/easy going?

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