Are YOU & ME Alike?

How much are YOU & ME Alike?! Come and check this quiz out! Please NO Rude Comments!(: Rate & Comment This, Please! Please Be Honest! (: If you take this, Your amazing! it means alot. x) -HystericalSteph;

i hate typing let me leave already i dont care about your freaking 100 characters you dang quiz!let me leave already its 2AM!! BTW: Take This Quizz! (: It would mean ALOT!! Please & Thank You! -HystericalSteph;

Created by: HystericalSteph
  1. You Are...
  2. You Laugh At When People Fall / Hurt Themselves.
  3. You Annoy People Easily...
  4. You eat ...
  5. Someone calls you names...
  6. Your Relationship Status..
  7. You are...
  8. You LOVE Videogames..
  9. Luigi Is Better Than Mario..
  10. Your Crazy/Random/Weird...
  11. Your parents are divorced..
  12. People call you Good Looking...
  13. Your Hilarious..
  14. Your Tall..
  15. From out of these Female Singers... Whose Good?
  16. You laugh ..
  17. Justin Bieber Is...
  18. What are your thoughts on... Jelena.. ( Selena & Justin. )
  19. (Okay... enough with that..) Are You Immature Or Mature?
  20. Are you Normal..?
  21. You Are..
  22. Your eye color is...
  23. Your rich..
  24. - E N D - O F - Q U I Z. - ( Please Comment & Rate. )

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Quiz topic: Am I & ME Alike?