The very entertaining but random quiz!

Are you bored, sad, depressed, angry, or happy? Cheer yourself up with this quiz! It is quite entertaining in my views and quite random too. My answers cover all normal thoughts. Select one, and try to get a 100%!

Try to get a 100% but BE HONEST!!! Don't forget to comment and rate (Please keep any negative ratings and comments to yourself.). Also Don't forget to check out my other quizzes on the new quizzes page! "Are you in love?" and "BEST Do You Know Your Warriors?" quizzes. Make sure they are by Firestar3208 by checking at the bottom of the quiz description.

Created by: Firestar3208
  1. Hello!
  2. What do you call Santa Claus's elves?
  3. Did you know that my girlfriend stared at me for 3 years before I started to like her?
  4. Did you know? All of the Harlem Shake videos combined have somewhere around 1.5 billion views.
  5. Did you know? Strawberries aren't real berries. However, avocadoes, bananas, and watermelons are.
  6. Did you know? Elvis Presley's hair was naturally blonde.
  7. How old are you?
  8. What elemental power do you wish you could have?
  9. Have you read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? (If yes and you love them check out my BEST Do You Know Your Warriors Quiz on the new quizzes list!) Did you like the series?
  10. Do you like Temple Run 2? My highscore is 13.1 million!!! What is yours, if you have played it? (Please BE HONEST!!!)
  11. What is your highscore in Fruit Ninja arcade mode, if you have played? My friend's highscore is over 1200.
  12. Da-da-dum!!! Toot toot parp drum roll. Rim shot followed up by more asdfghjkl's.
  13. Happy llama sad llama, mentally disturbed llama, super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama.
  14. Have you watched Smosh reacts to kids react to Smosh?
  15. Pick a number.
  16. What is your favorite color? (*Whimpers* please don't beat me up)
  17. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  18. Can you twerk?
  19. Bye! Thanks for taking this quiz!
  20. Please rate and comment!
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  22. I have memorized the first 50+ digits of pi and the whole Periodic Table.
  23. I am Chinese and have black hair and dark brown eyes. I am an ectomorph-mesomorph combination and exercise a lot. I am one of my school's best students. I would rate myself about a 7 on the good looks scale of 1-10 but my girlfriend thinks I'm perfect. I am optimistic, cheerful, sweet to those "romances", smart, and very physically fit. (Sorry if I sound like I'm showing off but it's for the purpose of the question. Would you like me? Pleeeease type your answer in a comment. Note: to comment you must have an account but to those of you who don't, don't worry! Creating an account is ridiculously easy, all you to is click "Make an account for me", type in a username and a password, and then that's it! No emails, no hassles. Again would you like me? For guys: I am STRAIGHT so choose You're normal. For girls: embarrassing question sometimes but just answer your true thoughts, lol.
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