Are You Like Me?

Many people are alike but some are very different I made this quiz to find out how alike you are to me or how alike I am to you I hope you get the results you wanted.

Are you like me or very similar to me take this quiz to find out I made this quiz to stop being bored or to just make time fly away thank you so much for taking it.

Created by: Tony Ramirez

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  1. Which video game console do you prefer?
  2. Favorite NFL Player
  3. Favorite Video Game Series
  4. Favorite Shoe Brand
  5. What are your school grades?
  6. Favorite Soccer Player
  7. Favorite Boxer
  8. Favorite Artists
  9. Favorite TV Show
  10. Your Dream Vehicle
  11. Favorite UFC or WWE Fighter
  12. Do you have any self defense training?
  13. What bottoms do you prefer?
  14. Favorite TV Network
  15. Favorite Snack
  16. Favorite NBA Player

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Quiz topic: Am I Like Me?