Which Member of BTS are you more alike?

Hey, this quiz is based on BTS. Inside jokes, songs, features, are included. This quiz is to see who you are more alike, and compatible for. There might be one sensitive topic in here sorry.

I hope you enjoy the quiz about BTS army. Remember BTS loves you and we should never give up on them. Anyways hope you enjoy bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: dansiree
  1. What group do you belong to in your group of friends? (Remember if there is an odd amount, there is one more hyung)
  2. Where do you stand in your group?
  3. You can be labeled as the _____ one of the group/family
  4. If you were to be in a group related to BTS (band, dance group etc, not just k-pop), what would you want your stance to be? (Your first pick)
  5. (Sorry if so personal) Do/did you have/had any struggles with mental health before?
  6. How many kids do you want?
  7. Who's your bias?
  8. Your second bias?
  9. Third bias?
  10. Do you ship any of them with each other?
  11. Favorite song out of the following:
  12. Pick your favorite inside joke
  13. Favorite Feature in someone: (Physical wise)
  14. Favorite Feature: (Personality Wise)

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Quiz topic: Which Member of BTS am I more alike?