I Know Your Secret pt.19

Welcome to part 19 of I Know Your Secret. Just to make sure on descriptions: ~Artie: jet black hair, grey eyes. ~Avery: dirty blond hair, hazel eyes. ~Jody: blue ocean eyes, messy but attractive brown hair. ~Falcon: icy blue eyes, jet black hair. ~Ray: blonde hair with emerald green eyes.

RECAP: The team split up and everything is confusing to you. You, Avery and Dale are sticking together and you three finally entered Chane's party. You spot a man staring at you while Avery and Dale argue and the man disappeared. In Artie's pov, he finally makes it, landing on the roof but then another man appear unexpected. *This part has a lot of POV switching so yeah. Enjoy! :P

Created by: rvelez
  1. *Flake's POV* We finally arrived, after the long thirty minutes to Rodrick's hideout. Lars stayed close and Aaron was dragging behind, making me slow down. "Aaron, can you pick up your pace?!" I whispered. He nodded, stepping over a small fallen tree. "I apologize. I'm not use to this place." He muttered. I glanced over to him. "Here?" He shook his head. "Down here on Earth."
  2. "Get use to it. You'll be down here for a while." I muttered. Lars cleared his throat, holding up the map I gave to _____. "You know this map is highly incorrect. Certain stones can't be in certain places." "What do you mean?" I whispered. Lars tilted his head. "Just nevermind. I thought you would know but aparrently I'm wrong." I let out a frustrated sigh, "So in other words, you're calling me dumb?" Lars shot his cyan eyes at me. "Not exactly."
  3. I looked away. "Forget it. Lets focus and find Jody." "And Falcon." Aaron finished, trying to escape from a vine. I sighed once again. "Aaron, how will you survive down here?" I cut the vine and returned back to walking ahead. Aaron got up and catched up. "Frustrated, I see. All of us are." he muttered. I closed my eyes for a second. "Aaron, I am. And I know everybody is. I just want to get this over with so I could get back to something. This is wasting my time." Lars came in between us, his eyes still glued to the map. "It's Starry, hm?" I groaned. "Apparently everybody knows..." "I didn't." Aaron laughed.
  4. "Do you think..." I trailed off and I found both of them staring at me weirdly. "Nothing.." I mumble.
  5. Lars walked closer to to Rodrick's hideout. "Noreen's still in there." "Now what? Artie didn't do anything yet. He's taking his precious time." Aaron whispered, annoyed. I thought for a minute. "Change in plan."
  6. *Artie's POV* I stood up straight as the man appoach me. "Eben." I growled. He chuckled. "Ah so you remember me. I thought you would forget, Artie." "I'll never forget the man who killed my parents." Ebenezer laughed, jamming his fist in his pocket. "Oh really? I'm very proud of you, Artemus. You've grown up so quickly and your sister?" I glared at him. "It's Artie and I suggest you leave her alone as well." Ebenezer chuckled. "Or what? You'll probably end up like your parents."
  7. I swung at him but he quickly dodged it, punching me on the side. I fell down, but he quickly picked me up. "I know you couldn't resist." "Aw yeah?" I muttered, kicking him on the jaw. He yelled, letting go. "You should've not done that, boy." He growled. I took off into the sky and he followed, his midnight blue wings catching my attention. "Following?" I growled. He chuckled. "It's my duty, boy." I laughed but was suddenly tackled by another figure. We both landed hard on the ground. I groaned, trying to get up but I was caught up in a dizzy state. "It's nice for you to join us, Artie." Rodrick smirked. "If one comes, all come."
  8. He then kicked me with a lot of force, making me crash into a tree. I groaned realizing I left the tree a dent on the trunk. 'Ow.. My back..' I thought, reaching out to feel it but Rodrick got a hold of me again. "Don't start without me, Rodrick. I've been waiting for this moment all my life." Ebenezer grin, flying down by us. Rodrick smirked. "Of course you've have, buddy. And I should let you finish him up." Ebenezer clapped like a little kid and grab me by my wing but he was suddenly attack by animal. I fell down, noticing it was a werewolf. Mars.
  9. Rodrick quickly grabbed Mars but somehow he escape. "Missed me, four arm monster." Mars laughed. I got up quickly, "Nice timing." Mars shrugged, clawing at Rodrick. "Sorry I couldn't come earlier. I had to deal with Fred." I nodded. "Gosh he's here too?" I muttered, snaping Ebenezer's neck. He fell to the ground and Rodrick flew off. "Nice. You killed the guy who killed your parents." Mars said, staring at Ebenezer's body. I sighed. "Yeah.."
  10. *____'s POV* Avery pulled me. "_____? Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded. "Just dizzy." Avery raised an eyebrow. "Come on. I think I know where Chance is." "Wait.. Where's Dale?" I questioned, looking around for him but there was no sight of him. "Don't worry. Remy and Charmy are with him."
  11. He let go, motioning me to follow. I followed him, pushing through people dancing all crazy like until I was grabbed by the arm. I spun around and noticed those icy blue eye.
  12. *Noreen's POV* I quickly let out a girly scream, dropping the test tubes I was cleaning. A crash ringed up in my ears and I quickly ran over to the lab room. Jody tried to sit up. "Dropped something?" He scolded. I laughed. "It seems like we aren't alone. I glanced over where Falcon use to be. "Rodrick better keep hold of him. If he dares betrays me again, I'll hurt him." Jody stared at me in disgust making me laughed once again. I slowly walked around, trying to find what fell but I was grabbed into a headlock. I scream, pushing and punching at the person. "Might as well stop, Noreen." I blinked a couple of times. "That voice... Nice of you to join us, Flake." He chuckled and I noticed Aaron untieing Jody out of the machine. I growled. "NOO!"
  13. "LET GO OF JODY! HE'S MY-" "I think you should take a break." Jody interupted, taping up my mouth. He smiled and patted my head. "He's your what?" Lars asked. Jody waved, dismissing it. "It's nothing. Lets just... get rid of her." Flake muttered something. "Or we can just bring her up to-" Jody clapped. "Um.. Yeah. That's even better. Let Lucarus get a hand of her." Flake nodded, sighing. I felt someone stick a needle in me. I scream and felt puny. "That should take care of the vanishing gift that you have." Lars inform. I groaned, losing all strengh to stand up. "I got this." Flake hummed. Aaron shook his head. "It'll be better if Lars take her in." Lars looked up. "I'm fine with that." He replied, taking me in his arms.
  14. I felt Lars tighten his grip as I blew on his face. "Your face is so... amazing." I whispered, laughing. Lars looked up. "I might have added a little something-something to the medicine." Jody chuckled and Aaron smiled, giving Lars a thumbsup.
  15. *____'s POV* I felt my heart beat faster. "F-Falcon?" I choked out. He pulled me close. "You're coming with me." He muttered, pulling me but I was snatched off his grip. I looked up and noticed Ray. He glared at Falcon, standing in front of me. Falcon's jaw twisted. "Oh. Ray. My little friend. How's it going, hm?" Ray shook his head and Falcon nodded, his lips curving into an evil smile.
  16. Ray waved off, a glow quickly took over both of us. Falcon growled. "Ray!" Everything went white for a second and I noticed that we were in a different room. "Thanks, Ray." I whispered. He nodded, grabbing my hand and leading me out the room. Both of us bump into Avery, making him fall down. "Dang it, Ray." He growled, getting up. He noticed me, "I guess looking back was probably a good idea." I rolled my eyes. "Your lucky Ray was here. Falcon finally decided to show up." Avery's left eye twitched. "Let me guess. He's not him?" Ray nodded, shifting his eyes away. Avery sighed. "Well isn't this fun? Come on. Chance's in here. Don't get lost again." He mumbled the last sentence.
  17. Artie and Mars suddenly appeared by us. "Nice timing again." Artie muttered. Mars shrugged, chuckling and we all walked down the hall, entering a room. Chance stood by the window. "It's about time." He said, turning around. He reached out for Ray's necklace and a force field took over all of us. "Remy, Charmy and _____'s brother are already at Sol's. I don't know how they did it but without Ray, it's impossible." Avery made a confused face and we all were teleported into Flake's lab.
  18. Flake and Aaron were there, waiting. "Good. Okay, we can start heading over to Sol's." "We can't teleport there. Sol's place probably repels." Avery butted in.
  19. I watched the guys argue a bit. This is really a waste of time... I jumped up as I heard that voice. I looked around and saw Artie over on the opposite side of the lab. He was leaning on a lab table, staring at the guys. Might as well leave and move on without them. I gasped as I noticed what I was doing. I was reading his mind.
  20. Artie?! I thought. He jumped up, startled and his eyes snap on mine. ______? Are you really reading my mind? Wow. Now I can't think to myself anymore. Plus it's rude to read someone's mind. I frowned, walking over to him. "Sorry." I whispered. He shrugged. "Do you want to leave them? I know exactly where Sol is. They never gave me the chance to explain." I nodded. "Please."
  21. "Maybe but not without me." Jody popped in, coming out from behind a large box of supplies. "JODY!" I scream, tackling him into a hug. He hugged me back, chuckling. "You're back." Artie smiled. Jody broke away. "Yeah, water boy." Artie laughed softly. "Don't start it."
  22. "Lets go. I might fly a bit slow. I haven't used my wings in days and I'm sore." Jody added. Artie nodded and we headed out without any of the others noticing. "We are heading east." Artie informed. Jody nodded, speading out his wings. He sighed in relief. "That feels good." He laughed. Artie raised an eyebrow. "Course it does." "Watch it, water boy." Jody chuckled. I smiled and Artie faced me. "Do you want to try flying yourself or do you want me to fly you there?" "Hm.. Flying seems hard, but if you want me to, then I guess I'm flying." "You don't have to. I have no problem carring you." Artie added. I noticed he had his wings out. "Um.. Okay." I finally decided.
  23. Artie scooped me up. "Hold on." I buried my close to him, feeling his heartbeat. He took off into the sky, the wind crashing against my skin. I lift my head up and noticed Jody following behind. "Do you think he's okay?" Artie breathed in. "I know Jody well. He's just tired out." I glued my gaze on Jody then at Artie. "Are you?"
  24. He took a minute to reply. "Yeah. I'm fine." "I don't believe you.." I murmur. He glanced at me then back up. "What do you mean?" "I mean.. You never say anything or even talk about your feelings. It's like you hold it all in." I started. "____-" "And when I want you to talk, you don't say anything. You're always quite." "_____.. Th-" "Plus, I want to get to know you better." I finished, realizing I interupted him twice. He swallowed hard, blinking uncontrolable. "_____, I'm not the type of guy." I stared back up at him as he did the same. "I've had a bad childhood, okay? My parents got murdered by an idiot who's trying to make my life.." He trailed.
  25. "I only got Charmy.. that's it. I don't talk much and the rest of the guys know because I'm a bit too.." He sighed and his necklace glowed. "...different." I clung to him. "I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot. I didn't mean to make you upset or-" This time Artie interupted. "____, when I first met you, I knew you were going to make me feel better." He leaned, in closer.
  26. I followed and our lips touched...

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