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Ok thanks for the comments in 1,2 and 3!! PLZ READ: I hope you like it and if you want a hint read 2nd paragraph if not go on to the story!!!!! Plz!!!

You meet Hex and Crystal. Hex: red hair green eyes! Crystal: blond hair and blue eyes! Crystal and Hex HATE eachother!!!!! You find out more about the boys

Created by: singin234

  1. Recap but you can see he is lying! "Why won't you tell me?" you ask hector. He just walks away "Hey come back!!!" you yell to him. He just stops. You run up to him "Why, why wont you tell me?" his back to you "Is that all you have to say" he ask you . "Yes it is" you tell him thinking ((this is not Hector)) "then forget it! I wont tell you....yet"
  2. Yet? Why do you care so much? Why can't you tell me? Is this really Hector? You think thoughts going around in you head! Hector walked home as you and the other wach "wait up Hector" spike yells as he runs to him. "Mabey we can ask Hex" jake suggests. "Who's Hex?" you ask Him. "Hectors sister" Colt say for Jake. So then you 3 walk to find Hex
  3. You see a girl 19 with red waved hair and bright green eyes. "Hello boys and who is this" she says acting sweet and kind but somehow you can see that she's faking!!! "---" colt says for you. "what a bad name" she says in a gave low tone. "Why don't you like the name?" Hector asks. Hex looks at him and spike then you, colt and Jake. "Because...I....I hate her!!" Hex said as she decided she hates you! All the boys are shocked. You just don't care "so you won't help me?" you ask her sweetly. "Well of couse I won't help you!" she say wickedly. Hector was about to say something when you say "ok then bye" and you walk away
  4. Now what? You think. "you could ask me?" said a sweet voice said you looked up to see a girl 19 she had blond hair and blue eyes. "What" you start "My name is crystal. And yes I read your mind!" she tells you and then she asks you "what's you name?" Well how bad can be telling her my name "---" you tell her. "oh and what is your question?" she asked you gacefuly "Hectors past he wont tell me" you tell her. Her eyes light up "you will BELIVE ME RIGHT??" she asks like a little girl. "Sure" you replied. "Hex has taken over Hectors body!! The boys will not believe me! Because the other night I head Hex and Hector talking. Hector was going on and on and on about you! Then Hex put a spell on him to hate you and..." Crystal was cut off by you "What slow down!! I can just make out what your saying!" you yell. "sorry" Crystal says. "that's ok" you tell her than the Boys and Hex run out they forgot you were there! "Crystal!! You have come home" Jake says. "No I have not! I only had come to talk to" Crystal says by pointing at you. Then Crystal is gone "Nice sister you got there" Hector says to Jake. "Like you can talk" Jake mumbles.
  5. Jake walks off into the forest you run up to him to talk "Jake..." you say. He turns to you. "What did she say --- tell me" he asks you to tell him his voice was low. "She read my thoughts. She left I think because no one listen to her when I did" you tell him. He lifts his head "What? About Hector" you nod "I thought she was pulling a prank on me" Jake lighten up "Did you look into her eyes?" you ask him. "Why would I?" Jake ask you "because you can tell a lot about a person from their eyes. Like I knew Hex hated me. But Crystal is instant" you tell him. "oh..." he said sounding disspointed. "Can you read thoughts or have magic? Like Crystal". You ask. He nods "Yes we all do Hector a wolf, Spike a Vampire, colt a fallen angle and me a Angle."
  6. "do you have other powers with it?" you ask him. "yes I will tell you mine. I can fly and control wind/air" he tells you. "what about Hex?" you ask him (you: whats with the asking? Me: Don't know) he looks at you "we dont know! They say she was born with out them" he tells you "Oh I think I know!! She cam controal people!!" you 'tell' him. "They others! Quick thir in danger" Jake yell
  7. You get back to see....
  8. Come back for part 5 sorry the birdie is not in the picking! But the birdie is goin to be in the story so wach out for him/her
  9. Plz (if you like) put your thoughts about this quiz into the comments! Feedback Plz! Because I want to know if I am just wasting my time of not! And thanks to the people that commented in 1,2 and 3!!
  10. Ok bye

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