love story, which one will you fall for? part 3

hey, thank you for waiting so much cuz i couldn't find time to work on it with school and all... but here's the 3rd one for love story, which one will you fall for? have fun

liked the 1st 2 quizzes? yes? then you will like this one too... this is the part where the fighting between the twins start... hope you like it too...

Created by: unknown

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  1. "and they were hung by the highest point and then they drop their bodies in hot magma where know one can find their bodies. that could happen to you if..."
  2. "well my time is up and now you're going to talk to edgar...he's my older brother so don't tell anyone please." "umm...
  3. "hello?" *great alone again* "hey adam told you why did your parents die right?" "yepp" "well they're not really dead, and now they're looking for you."
  4. you looked down and when you picked up your head, edgar gave you a kiss right on the lips. later your face changed.
  5. then he disappeared and it was dutin's turn and you kinda feel light- headed. all of a sudden you faint
  6. you woke up and you notice you're in the twins' room, but on dustin's bed. your reaction?
  7. "hey. you aiight?" dustin asked you. "yeah, i wonder what happened." oh, it's just your powers kicking in." all of a sudden, dustin tilted his head and kiss you on the lips. reaction?
  8. someone came in and you saw justin. "whoa, dude you said you were going to back off! that's it get away from me!"
  9. right after justin stormed out, you ran after him. "justin wait! i can explain! umm...ok i can't" "i knew my twin can't stay away from you, you're so beautiful and innocent."
  10. aiight, i know it's getting more interesting but i gots to go and be paitent for number 4...bye!!

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Quiz topic: Love story, which one will I fall for? part 3