Just another love story part 5

thanks for the ppl who like my series!!!! and if u want ill make a blog... but 1st can you tell me how? =P idk how bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alrite idk what to rite so im gonna rite random stuff kk? watermelon rocks! strawberries too!i luv water! and the band nickelback!kk byez now!!!!!!!

Created by: iluvdolphins

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  1. when you woke up you saw you were in a room. you walked around and saw a woman. she turned around and you saw it was diane! she came up to you and pushed you to a wall and said diane said "lets finish what we started, but i wont do it, she will" the little girl poped up agian and her eyes were pitch black. She chuckled and her face was by your neck. You couldnt move because you were paralyzed. "i promise this wont hurt" he smiled and you felt two punctures in your neck it felt like fire going through your veins, you tried to scream but it was no use because you soon fell into unconsciousness. You soon fell asleep and saw yourself in the house again. you were in
  2. your room, you smiled happily because you thought that horror was a dream. you went downstairs and found the boys sitting down at the table not knowing your there. "guys?" you aked "Guys!!" you yelled but no answer. "I cant belive shes gone" john trembled. them they all started crying, especially james, which surprised you,Then you woke up in a cell you started crying because you missed the guys. then diane came in the cell "well sleeping beauty woke up" you trembled in anger for what she did. somehow you smashed her
  3. to the wall and yelled "this is what you get for hurting me,my mom and the boys!" you came face to face with her and she slapped you making you taste blood. Suddleny you were somehow transported in your room before diane stabbed you. you fell on your bed with all the boys surrounding it. "Emily!!!" all the boys yelled with exitement "guys?" you asked "yeah?"they all asked, you were happy that you saw them and they could see you you were so overwhelmed that you started crying. "i missed you guys
  4. you maneged to say through your sobs. you squeased all of the boys with a group hug. "hey you hungery em?" john asked "yea"you replied "well come down later for diner" Adam sayd fowlloing all the boys "kay!" you replied, all the boys left exept james "hey" he said while sitting by you and putting a hand on your arm. "ow" you said painfully looking at your arm noticing you were bleeding. james eyes turned pitch black and in a secont he was in the corner far away from you. "i dont wanna hurt you"
  5. james said sadly. "i know you dont and i now you wont hurt me, come back" you said calmly. he hesitated a moment but then was on your bed next to you. you both leaned and started kissing. james lips went down to your neck, you felt the same pinch as before but softer. you went backwards "you bit me" you said sadly, james eyes turned blue "oh my god im sorry emily, im sorry, i should leave" james said. but before you could say anything he was gone you sighed and went to shower, after that you put on a long shirt that covered your neck. soon you went downstairs in time. you all ate in silence then before you know it you were tired. you went upstairs and soon fell asleep, you found yourself in a blank room with a glass bottle with a note. the note said `be prepared you will be free for a long time but not that long` and with that you woke up
  6. You woke up and took a shower, while you were brushing your hair you looked on your neck to see if the bite was there 'nope not there' you thought. You went downstairs and noticed nobody was home. You forgot about it since you were hungery, you ate ___ for breakfast.
  7. after you finished eating you decided to explore you went and saw a libary which had every book you could imagine, a gym, music room (i luv music and so does john =P) a little clinic, a movie room, and a pool! you decided to go to the pool to finially relax after what happened the past couple of days
  8. you went to your room and looked in your closet to find a bathing suit, the was that caught your attention was ___
  9. after you chose one you changed into it and sat down in the pool you closed your eyes and relaxed until you heard someone say "can i join you?" you were kind mad because this person interrupted you. you opened your eyes and noticed it was Dustin. "Sh..sure" you stuttered hypnotized my his perfectly tanned abs!
  10. "hey my eyes are here" he laughed while sitting next to you "hey wanna go on a date with me tomorrow?" he asked. "sure!" you replied, An hour later you both went inside and you cooked lunch which was pasta! (i luv pasta!!) and then all of the boys sat down to eat. "emily, can you go on a date with me today, dustin tomorrow, matt the next day, then adam?" john asked "yeah totally!" you said, and got ready for your date with john, you went to your room and took a shower, put on make up, straitened your hair and put on _____
  11. - okay!! this is the end!!! in part 6 there will be more acton and someone will die o.O and a shocking secret will be released! okay bye!! comment and rate plz!!
  12. one more question!!!! who do u luv?????

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