what do your eyes say about you

This is a quiz about what lies behind your eyes. They say you eyes say a whole lot, even though you don't say it. People can tell if your lying or if you smiling when they look into your eyes.

You can get many results if you pick what i think your eyes mean. Color of your eyes don't matter its whats in your soul that means alot more than what you think.

Created by: mcr111
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is you state of mind righ now?
  2. lets say you animal dies...how would you react?
  3. do you forgive pretty easily?
  4. do you wish on stars?
  5. Are you a music junkie?
  6. Do you get jealous very easily?
  7. Do clouds make you smile?
  8. Do plane attendents make you mad?
  9. Can you honestly say your happy?
  10. Can you cry and not think your weak?

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Quiz topic: What do my eyes say about you