My Twin Sister- Part 1


so borred!!!!!!!!

Created by: iluvdolphins
  1. ALEX'S POV (A year before) I wouldn't let him get away. Not this time. I jumped off the ceiling, sprinting across the empty, dark library. He was right there! I tackled him to the floor and cuffed him. He gave me that apologetic look that melted my heart. I shook my head and dragged him. Why was he going so easy? I suddenly felt a pain in my arm, letting go of him. He just chuckled and lifted me, my whole body going numb and my vision going blurry. I wish I had a normal life. "Good Luck, Alex"
  2. JOSIE'S POV: "Josie! Hurry up! You'll miss school!" My mother rushed. I groaned.Why does school has to be so freaking early?!?! My hair whipped my face several times through my rush, so I decided to put it up in a ponytail. My mother gave me a happy hearted smile, but I knew it was fake, she was really sad beaneath it.."Jo, you sure you dont want me to stay? It's three weeks!" I smiled. I loved her "It's fine mom, don't worry about me, I'm seventeen." "But still my little baby" She kissed my forehead. I went outside to find my boyfriend's car there. "Hey babe" He kissed me, wrapping his arm around my waist, slipping his hands toward my a$$. I kissed him back, and then pulled away, he pushed me toward him. "Andrew.." I whispered "Yeah?" "Let me go. And lets go to school" He growled "No" and kissed me again, this time more roughly. I backed away and he grabbed my arms with his full strength. Having a boyfriend on the football team might not always be good. I whimpered in pain, and he softened his look on me. " Josie, I don't want to hurt you, but you just have to listen to me" I whimpered and just nodded at him. ---------------------------------- The school bell rang. FINALLY! I'm starving. Two more classes and I'm done with hell. Matt came behind me and pulled me toward him. I squealed in surprise and he just laughed. "Not funny!" I scolded him He kept laughing so I just ignored him. Matt's my best friend, but now I'm cranky. Andrew came to my path. Great... He shoved me to the lockers and kissed me. I mean, I liked it at first, but when he started going rough, I tried to pull away. He squeezed my arm tightly, and I whimpered in pain. "Shut up" He growled and held me tighter, that's when my eyes filled with water. "Let go of her Andrew!" A deep, familiar voice boomed. He did. "And who do you think you are?" "Her best friend" Was all Matt said and the next thing happened like a movie.
  3. ALEX'S POV: I nibbled on the piece of chocolate. Finally! I have a day off of work. Though.... I kinda miss all of the running. I sighed and got off the old rusty couch.I jogged to the park there I saw a boy with blond hair and brown eyes. I sat down on the swing, near him. "Hey Josie" The boy mummred next to me I looked around. Who's Josie? I suddenly felt myself being pushed off the swing. "What the hell?!" I yelled at the boy "Josie, watch your language" He whispered and grabbed my wrist. I didn't even know this guy! I pushed back and twisted his wrist so I have his arm in my hand. "I don't even know you, so I'll give you the chance to let go of me before I break your arm" I warned. He just stared at me. "Josie! Stop it! Or else I swear-" "I'm not Josie, I don't know who the f--- you are. If you're going to mess with me, know that you'll be in the hospital." I walked away, furious. Why did he call me Josie? In fact, who is she? "I'll get you tomorrow Josie Maria Lopez!!!" He yelled. Later, I went to my friend, Bryan's house, so I can find out who this Josie chick is. I told him her name, but she didn't have a picture. On the computer screen, it told me her name, birthday, address, and all her family's history. Oddly, its just like mine. [Name:Josie Maria Lopez DOB:September 25th, 1995 Address:Manhattan, 192 SW 5th st 12875 (Mother: Diane Young Father: Fernando Lopez Siblings: Sister- Kaitlin Marie Lopez Brother: Miguel Daniel Lopez) Blood type: 0+ ]
  4. JOSIE'S POV: Andrew came bursting through my door and pushed me to the wall and slapped me. "You think it was real cute?" My cheek stung. "What was cute?" "Don't act stupid. I have evidence. I even took pictures. NOW, you deserve punishement for being a fake." My eyes burned with tears. "What are you talking about?" He went on his phone and showed the pictures of "me" at the park. My eyes widened at what I saw. Is it possible?.... that wasn't me! What he showed me was a picture of me, holding on to his arm, threatening to break it.
  5. WELL, I'm stopping it now :) sorry. Tell me if I should continue.
  6. Strawberries?
  7. Mango?
  8. any Fruit?
  9. hope you liked it! sorry its so short.
  10. I put this on another website but nobody read it :( do you like it?

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