Just Another Love Story Part 9

So, now life's alot easier :) and now I can think clearly. Its almost time to go to the next level!!! (in school!) and if I pass with A's and B's, I'll get an Itouch!!! :D

So, I guess in this one there'll be twists :/ Meet a new boy! :D and turn into the opposite person who emily is. I hope you enjoy! and please rate and comment. Also, read my new series, It'll be in one of the last questions. Bye :)

Created by: iluvdolphins

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  1. I sat in my room, all alone, I've acted like this since Taylor passed... I wrote in my diary my feelings. I grabbed my guitar and started playing the lines I wrote "No one knows what it's like to feel these feelings, like I do...." I got lost in my song and I was FINIALLY letting my emotions out. When I stopped, the only hint that I was crying was my stuffy nose and tears on my pillow. I can't believe he's dead... I only knew him just for a short time. I heard a knock on my door,and I froze time, blowed my nose and let my eyes go back to normal, and then I opened the door. Nobody was there? I saw a little package that said "Happy Birthday Em" I opened the package, and there was an index card. It said: Been looking through Tay's room, and found it. Wear it to dinner tonight,we need a break from this house, he was supposed to give it to you on your 18th birthday, when we gave you Snow. -Love, Matt
  2. At dinner, I realize the boys are REALLY quiet, so I ask "what's going on?" they looked at each other and Dustin spoke, Emily.. all of us are going to die in the battle with Diane." I stared at him, but kept my cool. I wouldn't like to explode in a peaceful restaurant. "Oh," I whispered. "I'm going to the bathroom real quick" I offered a smile and went to the bathroom. I made sure nobody was there and then I transported to the mansion, put on my battling clothes, then transported to Diane's place. I landed in the living room. When she noticed me, she had a cup of tea in her hand and chuckled, "well, well, well, I've been expecting you sooner or later." I swallowed hard. "Why?" I whispered. "Why our family?" I cried. I looked down. "If we're going to battle, lets do it now" I challenged.
  3. Suddenly I was on the floor. I yelped in surprise and then I got up. Grabbed a Dagger, and then lunged for her throat.
  4. MATTS POV: "hey, where do you think Em is?" The guys shrugged. "Bathroom? You know how girls care about makeup" One of them joked. I smiled and focused on her. Like this, I can see what she's doing. I closed my eyes and watched. Me and Dustin jumped out of our seats to what I saw. Blood. Emily. and, Diane. "What?" John asked alarmed. "She's with her." I whispered. With all of our powers,and Emily's call, we all teleported to Diane. Emily and Diane were both on the floor, bloody. My eyes widened to Emily. I could feel her dying. I grabbed her hand, and with her shortening energy, teleported us to the mansion. We both left the guys to fight.
  5. EMILYS POV: I woke up aced. I winced when I got up from bed. I last remember stabbing Diane... and her shoving me to the glass wall. I quickly put my hand to my head and checked my hand. No blood. Hm.. maybe Matt healed me. I went to the living room, and met with the boys arguing quietly. "She shouldn't have left" "Crap, we shouldn't have told her about us dying.." I gasped quietly, and all attention turned to me with angry faces. "Emily! WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE RESTURANT WITHOUT TELLING US WHERE YOU WENT?!?!" voices yelled. I felt tears threatening to fall. "Because I didn't want you guys to die." They were still angry. "YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN ALL OF US KILLED!" I felt tears fall down now. I was mostly getting yelled at by ___. As soon as their gazes softened, I ran out of the house, ignoring the pain in my body; only focusing on the pain in my heart. I heard the boys run after me, but instead of stopping I just teleported anywhere but here.
  6. I transported to my old house. So much crap's been going on. I fell down, crawled to the bathroom, and finally cried. I could feel the guys calling for me to teleport them here, but I just ignored them. I got up and looked at myself. I look dead. My eyes are filled with sadness and emptiness, reflecting my heart and soul. I looked through the cabinets, realizing ever since I was in middle school, that I would never do this. I was wrong. I grabbed a razor and let the magic happen on my arm. I ended up drawing a star with red ink(blood) on my wrist. This star represented something, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Soon, the pain in my heart went away, replacing it with stinging in my wrist. I put the razor in my pocket, and then I transformed myself into the total opposite me of the past. I went to the mall, bought clothes, makeup, and pierced my nose, bellybutton, got more earrings, and dyed my hair black with electric blue and bright red highlights. The boys have changed me. Big time. I got a plane ticket for today to New Jersey.
  7. I smiled and got myself a hotel room in N.J. I opened two suit cases, one filled with money, and the other with black sweatshirts, and dark colored clothes. I didn't really mind it, but I just needed the guys not to recognize me. I missed Snow, but if I got her, the boys would track me. I thought for a moment of our small times. I held back tears of the kisses. I checked the time 11:24. I sighed and got ready for tomorrow. School. When I woke up it was 8:30. Half an hour to get ready. I took a quick shower, stuffed some money into my pokets, got my purse with pencils and a binder with paper. I washed my hair, put on hoops, brushed my teeth, and then I chose my clothing and left, not leaving my knife/razor.
  8. After the school guide helped me, I was pretty much on my own. But now it was my lass class. But It was a free class. I just sat outside playing with my fingers when someone came up to me. It was a boy that had black hair with red highlights, brown eyes, and arms with scars? I smiled at him. "Hey" "Hey, Emily. Right?" he chuckled. "Yeah, emm... sexy dude?" I joked. He laughed. "Thanks for the compliment. Name's Jake." I smiled and felt anxiety in me. I looked down at my new phone, with a new number. I felt him grin. "Can I have your number?" "Sure" I smiled, then exchanged numbers.
  9. So, now I'm stopping it. (sorry! I'm getting lazy!) so, emily had a BIG change, big fight with the boys.
  10. unfortanetly, if you like Jake, I didn't put him in the results. I'll try. But if I cant I'll put him in part 10. for a while, It's only going to be Emily and Jake, not Dustin, Matt, Adam, James, or John
  11. So! my time is up! check out my new series! It's called: My Twin Sister Lets see if I go anywhere with it :) CIAO! Adios, mis amigos!
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