Twilight Saga Quiz (take Me!)

You´ve read all the Twilight books, enjoyed them or even loved them madly? Then you´re entering the right quiz! Knowledge from all four books is needed and maybe a little sense of details as well!

I tried to make the quiz special, so some questions might be a little though, but that´s a nice challenge, isn´t it? I hope you will score high and - more importantly - enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Tar_Ancalime
  1. Easy one for a warm-up: What was Edward´s usual way to help Bella fall asleep?
  2. Metaphorically, Bella was compared to several kinds of animals, but never to a...
  3. Which of the following books was not mentioned in the saga ( = inside the chapters)?
  4. Which of the following activities was Edward NOT good at?
  5. In New Moon, how did Alice and Jasper greet themselves when they met after the flight from Italy?
  6. Who of the following persons was a part of Rosalie´s human life?
  7. What was Edward´s most frequent term of endearment for Bella (especially in Breaking dawn)?
  8. In Twilight, how did Bella described the way blood smelled to her (which usually made her sick)?
  9. Which of the following musical eras did Edward like the most?
  10. What was the point in Bella´s New Moon nightmares when she usually started to scream?
  11. When first seeing the Cullens in the cafeteria, Bella couldn´t decide which one was the most beautiful. Who was he hesitating between?
  12. What author´s poetry was Mr Berty reciting when Bella and Edward came late for his class in Eclipse (after meeting Jacob at the schoolyard)?
  13. How many scars did Emily Young have on the right side of her face?
  14. Of the following Cullens, who never tasted human blood?
  15. What was the first thing Edward heard of Renesmee´s thoughts in Breaking dawn?
  16. Who was the "psycho" in Jacob´s unique language (Breaking dawn)?
  17. What was the reason Bella never had a dog?
  18. Which Cullen kid was never addressed with a name abbreviation?
  19. What kind of relic from the Quileute legends was Billy keeping in the small bag around his neck?
  20. And finally: Which of the following pairs includes two different colours?

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