Twilight Questions

Many people love the Twilight series. But, if you do, do you know everything about it?? Well, ok, not everything, but these 10 questions I came up with. Can you answer them all correct?? Can ya?? Hmm?? Well, try and figure it out!!

In a few moments or seconds if you are fast, you will know if you are a disgrace to the vampire race or if you are a true Cullen!! You will soon know how much you really know about this series. You may be surprised to try these questions!!

Created by: DeAnna
  1. What is Bella's full name??
  2. Now, how about Edward's full name??
  3. Who finds Bella in the woods after Edward leaves her??
  4. Who said: "I'm so glad Edward didn't kill you, things are so much more fun with you around"??
  5. In Breaking Dawn, what was Bella's "after" car??
  6. What war was Jasper Whitlock a lt. in??
  7. What color does Seth have for his fur as a wolf??
  8. What is Sam's fiance's name??
  9. In the movie, who was the first out in the baseball game??
  10. What is Renesmee's middle name??

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