Which charecter are you from the twilight saga?

There are many people in the world who are Twilight fans if you are one of them you might enjoy this quiz. This quiz is based on the Twilight saga. You awnser easy questions that awnser who you are from the Twilight saga. This quiz is fun and easy to take.

Do you like Twilight? well if so who are you most like in the Twilight saga? Do you think you are Jacob or even Leah well find out by taking twelve easy questions.The results fit you and only you based on your response to each given question. So go ahead and see who you are from the Twilight saga!

Created by: Shadow
  1. Your freind hates parties what would you do if it was thier Birthday?
  2. Who do you think is the best charecter from Twilight?
  3. What would you rather be?
  4. What color best describes you?
  5. Are you at all clumsy?
  6. What would you drive?
  7. What do you noramily wear?
  8. Do you like parties?
  9. What would you do if the one you loved left you broken and pretty much unfixable?
  10. What activity suits you?

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Quiz topic: Which charecter am I from the twilight saga?