Are you the ultimate twilight fan?

One of the most popular movies out now is Twilight!we know many of you out there are fans,like us!We wanted to test your knowledge!Do you know twilight?

These Questions are exremley hard and only a true Twilight fan would know them!And what is a true Twilight fan? Anyone who can answer our questions!So, are you the Ultimate Twilight fan?

Created by: Nikki

  1. What is cam's (james)favorite stunt in the movie?
  2. What is Bella's full name?
  3. When was Edward born?
  4. What book store does bella vistit while in Port Angelas??
  5. Finish this quote from Mike Newton- "You and Cullen Huh?......
  6. Why does Rosalie Cullen dislike Bella?
  7. According to the movie Twilight when does Alice officially meet Bella?
  8. What inspired Stephanie Meyer to write the Twilight book?
  9. What is the first line spoken in the movie Twilight?
  10. What is the name of the place Bella and her dad ate at in the movie?
  11. What is the name of the southern beer Billy and Charlie drink?
  12. What is Bella's response to the following question Edward Cullen asks- "Whats in Jacksonville?"

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Quiz topic: Am I the ultimate twilight fan?