This test is about the Twilight series. There are many who are twilight fans, but it takes more than that to be a true twilight genius. You can take this test to see if you are a twilight genius!

What do YOU know about the twilight series? Are you a twilight freak, or have you even heard of twilight? These questions might be in your head now, so take the twilight test and get the answers!

Created by: laccrossee

  1. On Bella's Day of Questioning, what was her favorite color?
  2. What did Bella order at the restaurant Edward took Bella to?
  3. Who did Angela end up with?
  4. Who was Edward's favorite brother
  5. Who was Edward's favorite sister
  6. What was Edward's nickname for Emmett and Jasper
  7. What caused Bella to have the baby in the Cullen's house?
  8. What is Charlies nickname for Bella?
  9. What did Bella call Jacob
  10. What color wolf is Jacob?
  11. What is Edward's favorite color to see Bella in?
  12. What was the first thing Bella hunted?
  13. What was the Cullens' gift to Bella for her 'nineteenth' b-day?

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