how much twilight do you know

There are many twilight freaks are you one of them? or are you just another person who knows the major and obvious things! this quiz will test your twilight knowledge!

Are you a twilight freak? do you have the brain to remember the knit picky details of twilight and new moon? after this quiz you will know if you need more studying or if you can help those who need stying!

Created by: Tara

  1. what prize did edward and bella win in science class?
  2. what vampire broke bellas leg?
  3. What color dress did bella wear to the prom?
  4. whos dress did bella borrow
  5. who sent jacob to get bella to break up with edward
  6. In new moom who came back to check on bella?
  7. why did edward leave bella?
  8. why did bella go up to the guys on the motorcycles?
  9. why wouldnt the voultri kill bella
  10. why does charlie suggest that bella go to jacksonville to see her mom for a while
  11. why does edward come back from italy

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Quiz topic: How much twilight do I know