what do you know about the twilight saga?

Are you a twi-hard? Are you to busy for the petty world of Bella Swan? Are you to cool for twilight? Come on down and take the quiz! I hope you've read all the books and watched the movies!

Are you going to be first in line for the breaking dawn movie? Or will you be asleep? Dosent matter!! nyone who likes the saga, welcome!!! please enjoy!!!

Created by: flareonfan12

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  1. Where does most of the storyline take place?
  2. Who does Bella live with before going to live with her father?
  3. Where dos Bella first see Edward?
  4. What award do Bella and Edward receive in biology?
  5. Who is the wear wolf who tries to break up Edward and Bellas relationship?
  6. Which character was recast?
  7. Which book is being split into 2 movies?
  8. What happens in breaking dawn?
  9. Who makes a visit in breaking dawn?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about the twilight saga?