do you know eclipse

There are alot of people out there who think they know the Twilight Saga. But do you really? You can say all you want. But acuttly try and see if you know the latest twilight movie

Are YOU a Twilight freak? Do you know Twilight saga Eclipse? Have you seen the movie and payed attion? Untill now you can only say you did! Here you can find out if you know your Eclipse!

Created by: Degrassi girl

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  1. What does Bella do to help edward fight riley and victoria
  2. which group of volturi members come to washington
  3. what nation does bella describe herself as to settle a dispute between edward and jacob
  4. Who has vampire bites the exact shape as Riley's
  5. What is Bella's curfew time
  6. What is Edward's eyecolor due to lack of feeding
  7. What are the first words Edward says in the movie
  8. which cullen sibling does charlie like?
  9. Who is the senior class valedictorian
  10. Who tells Bella that Victoria is back in Forks
  11. where does Renee think bella is attending college in the fall

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Quiz topic: Do I know eclipse