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  • Never read the books and I scored 42% pretty good eh? I would actually read them but sissified veggie vampires aren't my thing. I like my vampire vicious.

  • hey i got 100% i am a true twilight fan check out these quizzes ok twilight ultimate quiz or taylor lautner quiz or twilight the quiz twilight the test ot whats your super power or how much of a twilight fan are you they are all brill

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  • 100 percent baby oh yeah! This totally rocked

  • Wow 92% awsome quiz i love all the books can't wait to see eclipse thanks for the great quiz make some more

  • HI! I scored 100% on this quiz! I have watched them and read them all over 10 times! I am WAYYYY 2 obsessed w/ this series.

    Rosalie Hale
  • it was kool but it doesnt pick the answers i pick but o well i loved all 4 books they were amazing i cant wait to see new moon

  • yay! 100%!! have you read breaking dawn? anyway kool quiz!!!!


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